Dinner with the Uncle

Dear Random Unborn Baby, 

I had dinner last night with your uncle.  It’s so weird how things can so unexpectedly turn out.  While I was at your baby shower I was making small talk and doing some minor networking with others in attendance.  At one point I had gotten into a conversation with a young man there because he’s in education and works at one of the cities Charter Schools so we were just sharing ideas on the education reform that’s taking place in New York.  We ended up exchanging numbers and it’s been a couple days since your baby shower so he called and asked if I wanted to meet for dinner. 


So we meet at one of the neighborhood restaurants and as we’re edging out of the small talk that is always accompanied by meeting a stranger in a public place and being committed to at least two hours with them I asked what may seem like an obvious question but since I didn’t know anyone at the baby shower it was one I didn’t know the answer to: 

So, how do you know the mother-and-father-to-be?

He looks right at me and casually shrugs his shoulders. 

That’s my brother.

Ohhhh…my eyes must have widened in surprise as it quickly ran through my head that not only had I crashed a baby shower but the only person I had actually befriended was the uncle of the baby! I knew what was coming next and even as I did I knew I wouldn’t have a good answer but would simply go with humor and hope he had a good sense of it!

How do you know them?

I smiled, batted my eyelashes and gave a little half giggle (if I was more of a girly-girl I’m sure that would be called flirting). 

Well…see…you’re going to think this is hilarious. Quite funny actually. It all started when the cab driver dropped me off at the wrong place…

From there I launched into the story of how I had crashed his future niece or nephew’s first celebration. I plowed through my story despite at one point him looking around almost as if he was in expectation of Kutcher jumping out at any moment.  Humor worked though because after the initial look of horror faded he did start to laugh and enjoy my adventure. 

Oh, and he filled me in on all the small details I was missing while in attendance. Things like the name of the mother and father, the due date, the name of the baby I held, how long they’d been married and the names of many related people who had actually purposed to be in attendance. 

Love Always, 



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