Bad Date #30046 Continued

Dear Mr. Neiman Marcus,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Hello again! I just wanted to finish telling you about what happened to end the night your employee got extremely drunk and puked all over himself and both the inside and outside of my car. 

So, I left off telling you I’d pulled into the gas station.  I walked far away from my car to get some fresh air, clear my thoughts and jump on the phone with my girlfriends at 3 in the morning to tell them about the horrifying experience I’d just been through.  He in the meantime has begun washing the car off as best as he can with the few resources he has available.  He uses the window washing solution for the outside of the car and gathers as many paper towels as he can to mop down the inside of the car.  I watch from a distance and after about an hour I finally make my way over again, only to begin gagging immediately as the smell hits me.  

“Listen, how about I just get you home. In the morning I can take you to your car and you can take my car to get detailed.”

He nods without fully meeting my eyes, “Were you on the phone with your friends? Telling them about this?”

I nodded grimly. 

“I suppose I deserve that.” He mumbles as he gets into the car. 

Yeah, he did.  As soon as the car lulls into drive and we start heading through the town to find his house he starts nodding off again. So I roughly shake him and remind him that I don’t know where he lives and am going to need a little assistance in finding his house. He nods and points in the general direction of a street which I turn down and get about halfway down before I have to rouse him awake again and inquire about where to go next.  This continues as I drive up and down and around the same streets in this very small town.  Finally, in pure frustration I pull the car in front of a residence and turn towards him, forcing him awake again, 

“Here’s the deal, I am not going to drive around for another hour trying to figure out where you live.  I have no clue where you live and either you don’t know where you live or you don’t want to tell me but it has been a very long night. So you can either stay alert long enough to tell me where you live or you can get out of the car right here and find your own way home.” 

I stared menacingly into his glazed over eyes, my patience stretched to the limit as I waited for a response of some sort from him. Finally, he turned and opened the door, gathering himself and swinging both legs out of the car.  He turned back towards me and leaned in as if to kiss me, mumbling something incoherent when I jerked further away. 

As soon as he was fully out of the car I drove off, only glancing in my rearview mirror in time to see him curl up in a ball on the grass of the house I’d stopped in front of.  I guess that alternative was better than having to suffer any further humiliation!

Love Always, 


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