A Rockette Proposal

Dear Rockettes, 

I know how important it is to you to catch e very moment that occurs in Far Far Away and since not everyone was able to join us that day at The Rock I have taken the liberty of recapturing the recaptured events that took place on the day one of your fellow Rockettes got engaged. 

IProposing Man imagine one day my Prince Charming will get down on one knee and proclaim his love to me, making promises that may one day be forgotten but at the moment stand for the very crux of our future.  I imagine I’ll be blushing and giggling and my friends and family will be around to celebrate my joy and triumph.  I may even catch a glimpse of my mother letting out that sigh of relief she holds deep inside as she prays nightly for my Prince Charming to reveal himself.  I have the dream of a fairy tale romance, engagement and wedding most women have clung to since their preschool years and of course we will produce the most gifted children ever.  In that moment between sleeping and waking I’m sure all these things may someday happen.  Then again futures have a way of falling down midflight, as was revealed one particular day in Far Far Away when Virtual Rockette’s Prince Charming paid her a special visit.  

It was an ordinary day at The Rock, Officer Rockette was at her usual post by the front door paying more attention to the gossip within the walls of the building than who actually entered the building and for what purpose.  Senorita Rockette was also at the front desk deeply engrossed in the latest novel she’d borrowed and couldn’t focus on doing more than one thing at a time so she just read page after page.  I was in my office which is directly connected to Virtual Rockette’s office and we were both doing paperwork while our programs ran.  I glanced up as Virtual Rockette’s Prince Charming walked through my office into her office and went right back to working.  Within a few moments I heard her gasp of surprise and the muffled tears in her voice as she exclaimed “Yes! Yes, of course!” 

Curious, I rolled my chair back to peek into her office and sure enough he was prying a semi-diamond ring out of its box and sliding it onto her finger. I smiled to myself and followed them out into the hallway as she announced her engagement to the security officers, some of her staff and basically anyone within earshot.  I leaned against the door jamb and smiled at everyone’s excitement, quickly becoming puzzled as a plan began brewing into place.  

It started with Senorita Rockette whining about how she missed the proposal and this was such an important event it should have been shared with everyone.  Then Virtual P and Virtual M took action and began orchestrating how the proposal could be reenacted.  

Hmm…interesting but not unreasonable. I’m sure this is the type of thing that is done everyday in Far Far Away Land.  

A camera emerged and Virtual P began taking before and after shots.  Parents were called to get to The Rock as quickly as possible so they could witness the big event, Prince Charming walked back out the door, Virtual Rockette was positioned on a chair center stage and the orchestrated proposal began.  

Virtual Rockette stayed on her chair but pretended to strike up a conversation with Officer and Senorita Rockette, Virtual P captured every moment on his Sony Cybershot and Prince Charming swept in from outside with the ring box well hidden in his open palm.  

“Why Prince Charming, what are you doing here?” Virtual Rockette placed her hands to her chest for added emphasis in case we didn’t understand the feigned look of shock she’d arranged her face into.  

Prince Charming took two giant strides and knelt down on his knee, “Virtual Rockette, will you marry me?” 

Immediately tears sprung to Virtual Rockette’s eyes and she tried to choke back the sobs that had begun as she answered, “Yes, Yes Prince Charming, I will marry you!” 

She extended her left hand and he gently slid the semi-diamond upon the proper finger admist the cheering and the jumping up and down and hugging that was occurring.  All the while Virtual P didn’t miss a kodak moment.  

The newly engaged couple swept out the door to have a victory lunch and celebrate the beginning of their new life together.  

“Where are you going for lunch?” Senorita Rockette asked wiping away her own tears of surprised joy at having been able to celebrate in this moment. 

“Sizzlers!” Virtual Rockette threw over her shoulder. 

Love Always, 



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