Speed Dating

Millionaire Matchmaker
If I’m not watching sports or Grey’s Anatomy I’m not watching television so when everyone started talking about yet another reality dating show I was disinterested at first. Then the buzz continued and Patti Stanger began to show up all over the blog sites so I took notice. It is another reality dating show on Bravo, this time it’s millionaires publicly searching for the soul mate through some sort of process of elimination.
Still not interested.
What did catch my interest was a comment Patti made in an interview she did with Glamour Magazine in which she said
sometimes the best guys are worth waiting for. You might get one good date a year, versus 100 bad ones, but he’s worth it.
If only we could take this advice and tattoo it across our heart so that every time we’re tempted to say
“I know going out with you tonight is going to be a total waste of time because I’m clearly not interested in anything you’ve presented in the five minutes we’ve met but it’s so much more appealing than sitting at home and watching Sex an the City reruns while I surf Facebook.”
we would remember 100 bad dates are just not worth it when you could have that one good date a year.
Basically, as women we do a rendition of speed dating (yes, this always makes me think of that scene in Hitch when Eva Mendes agrees to go with her friend to the evening of speed dating) where we try to go on as many dates in a year as possible. In one evening we evaluate, we anticipate, we eliminate and we end up going home and watching Sex and the City reruns and surfing Facebook. It’s almost like we’re afraid of what would happen if we actually slowed down. Most of us that are dating aren’t just looking for a good time a couple nights a week. Most of us are hoping that one of those dates turns into our trip to Paradise Falls (I’m a huge believer that not everyone’s white picket fence, two and half kids and a dog will look the same- but we all know we want something like it in our future), the day when we will have saved up enough to cash in on our dreams, our hopes, our desires and then settle down for the rest of our life, content that the adventure has been achieved. So, why are we rushing?
The other night I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday and we ran across some of our guy friends. We joked with one of the guys about how he was the last single, childless, attractive 30-year old in New York so we were going to speed date him. As we stood there laughing about it we asked him a few basic questions about himself (dated), asked about his future plans (committed), said yes (engaged) and had a few drinks (the wedding). Although we laughed and had a good time with it I couldn’t help but thinking that in an era of Speed Dating it’s leading us to the mentality of “I Guess You’ll Do” which will never be good enough for me.
So, I’m forfeiting my 100 horrifying dates a year and waiting for the 1 really good date. He’ll be worth it.
Love Always,


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