Dream A Little Dream

Sleeping Me
Dear Sleepless Nights,
For the past few months I’ve had really bad bouts of insomnia, to the point that I’ve dubbed my condition Nosleepomnia. But the interesting thing is that when I do dream I dream so vividly that I wake up shaking the dream off and even as I groggily rub the sleep from my eyes and climb into the rejuvenating spray of my warm shower I am still questioning whether that actually happened. The other interesting thing about it is that the same person appears in all my dreams and has been appearing there since the first time he made an appearance in the Winter of 2003.

My roommate and I had decided to enjoy the six feet of snow that had fallen over night in the small town of Fort Collins, Colorado where we were attending college. We went outside and had been in the snow most of the afternoon when our other roommate called down that she would grab our other roommate and challenge us to a snowball fight. We gladly agreed and in anticipation we built a huge snow fort and began gathering snowballs for the impending fight. When they didn’t show up for the challenge after about an hour we crawled into our snow fort to escape the wind and wait them out. As we waited I drifted into that weird place between waking and sleeping and this is the dream (some may even call it a vision) I had.

The Storm was stepping out of a stretch limousine onto a red carpet. As the flashbulbs penetrated the irises of his eyes he reached back the hand that should have been shielding himself and met my awaiting hand to pull me in my classy evening gown from the limousine. I caught his hand and together the two of us walked down the red carpet.

That was it, that was the dream and even at that point I shook it off but couldn’t shake the feeling it left behind. I didn’t know The Storm at the time and wouldn’t meet him for another 18 months yet I couldn’t help but feeling that the dream was a reality that had already happened to me or would be happening in the very near future. Yet, life continued and I forgot about that until the day I met The Storm and I almost had to a do a double take and actually stopped myself from saying,
“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
Because I did know him from somewhere. He was literally the Man of My Dreams.

I’ve dreamed about him several more times over the course of the time I’ve known him, sometimes for many nights in a row and often with many nights in between yet every time I awaken I am reminded of that very first time I dreamt him and how he eventually came to be. I am going to skip ahead to this very last time I dreamed him and watched it come true within a few days.

I’m leaving work and going over to The Storm’s house. It’s Good Friday service and instead of going all the way back home I’m figuring I’ll go hang out at The Storm’s house instead since he lives close to my church. When I get there we’re just lounging around and there’s some little kids in the house, no doubt his Godkids. The children have their crayons and coloring books out and I plop down on the floor with one of the kids and start drawing an object for her and making her guess which colors she’s need to color the picture. When their parents come the children do the typical excited jumping up and down and leave, their mess lying on the floor in forgotten tribute to the fun they were having. I sit in the midst of it and begin scooping the crayons and coloring books together as the kids pass by the window frantically blowing kisses at me and waving their goodbye. I wave back and laugh and The Storm comes and lays across the couch so he head is near my face.
“It’s amazing how quickly kids become attached to you.”
I nod and gesture to mess in front of me saying,
“Now I have no one to play with.”
The Storm nods and leans forward as if to help me with the mess but brushes the back of my neck with his lips. At first so lightly I think it’s accidentally but the second time he does it on purpose and I freeze (A thrill travels up my spine just writing this). When I go still he starts kissing the back and my neck and caressing my shoulders. He pulls me close to him so that our lips meet to seal our passion in the form of a kiss. As he breaths me in he asks,
“What took you so long?”
I look back at him incredulously, “Me?”
He continues, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. You played so many silly games and then I thought my heart would break into pieces when you put me in the ‘friend’ category.”
I opened my eyes wide in surprise as I responded, “That’s because I was constantly trying to figure out what you wanted and not overstep the boundaries you created with me.”
He shook his head, “All this time I’ve had no one.”
“Now you have me.”
I looked at him and he didn’t say anything for a long time. Just as my insecurities were getting ready to kick in he pulled me close, the thickness in his voice evident,
“I love you Sunny.”
He kissed me passionately.

Now remember this is all a dream but not a week after I dreamed it I was sitting in that same scenario (it didn’t quite end the way it did in my dream but you know the herstory I have with The Storm) and I looked directly at him and stuttered through trying to explain that I’d been here before.
He watched me work to put my words together in confusion and then said, “Deja Vu?”
I nodded despite knowing that it wasn’t Deja Vu at all, rather one more times when the man in front of me literally became the Man of my Dreams.
Love Always,

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