One Mic

All I need is one mic.. to spread my voice to the whole world -Nas
One Mic

Dear One Mic,
Part of the story behind ‘One Mic’ by Nas is one of the original techniques of hip hop. The idea that armed with nothing but that one mic, the lyrics in his head and the talent God had blessed him with a masterpiece could be created. A legacy left behind far outweighing anything that would come to precede it, and as he bleeds his explanation into the mic it’s easy to feel, hear and sense the passion behind a craft dying to a new breed of technology but refusing to be eliminated in the hearts of a talented few. Although Nas’ original song was designed to be a passionate portrayal of the standard process of the music industry, Chris Robinson pitched an idea to Nas for his video that would change not only the immediate images that arise when thinking of the song but also compare it to a serious underlying issue in Africa, the 1976 uprising in Soweto.

Nas explained the meaning of the song ” ‘One Mic’ is how I’ve been feeling,” he said. ” ‘One Mic’ has been on my mind for a long time. I knew that people weren’t being for real and truthful from the heart with the music that was coming out. ‘One Mic’ represents my every emotion, everything that’s in my mind.”

This being said I’ve been thinking lately about the figurative meaning of ‘One Mic’ and how it translates into life as “One Mike’. That’s all I need, that one person to stand beside me, that I can believe in as fervently as they believe in me. When I meet him he may not necessarily have everything in place for what he’s going to be in his future. However that doesn’t alter my acceptance of my One Mike in his purest form, in the original designed he was intended by his Maker to be. Even as I begin to watch One Mike transform into a warped version of what I once knew to be true I can not help but hold onto the truth I believe in and continue to see him for what he once was. For when I look at One Mike I see not only what is standing before me in the present but I am able to feel what will lead our way into the future. Change, deception, disappointment and discouragement doesn’t stop me from continuing to stand by him and pour my soul into him even as One Mike takes a form directly in front of my eyes that I never imagined possible. His purity becoming rancid as he defeats my expectations, brings me to my knees with the pain of humiliation and forces the One Mike I once knew to become nothing but a memory dying out, even as I struggle to stroke the embers through my constant tales of what once was.
Love Always,
Nas' Mic

One Response to “One Mic”
  1. driftlessmind says:

    I love this post. From someone who is looking for her “One Mike” too, I wish you success in finding him, and hope he’s everything that you desire and more.

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