Dear Brooklyn,
A little over a year ago I physically moved my home from Sunny California to Sunny-at-times-Brooklyn. I’ve learned there is a physical move that takes place immediately and an emotional move that you want to take place immediately but happens sometime after the physical move actually occurs. Physically, I started packing boxes, deciding what would be crossing the 3000 miles with me and what would be packed into storage to be moved at a later determined date. Physically, I kissed family members good-bye, had farewell dinners, lunches, breakfasts and bar-be-ques. Physically, I tied off loose ends, switched bank accounts (although with the WAMU/Chase merger that has proved to be a near impossibility), forwarded my mail, cleaned and emptied one apartment, cleaned and filled another. I started a new job, made new friends, have valued my old ones in an even bigger way, and physically the move has been made complete. Physically I moved my Sunnyness from the town I grew up in to the city I have grown to love.
Emotionally, the move is a little different. Certain aspects are immediately packed up and sanctioned off in order to make the move more plausible, more manageable and more of a reality. Was I scared, nervous and even doubtful at times? Naturally, but from the moment I finalized my decision I took those negative feelings, boxed them up and hid them away in a storage that would not be able to have an adverse affect on my move. I loved my job. Loved everything about it so I had to box those feelings up but I brought them with me because I knew that love and passion for my career would need to be unsealed and drip onto my new career, creating a new passion. I missed my family and friends and while emotionally I carried them with me I also had to create a new space to allow in new friends and family in order to find my place in this new city.
The physical move took a few months, mainly in preparation to move and in actuality a six hour plane ride across the country sealed in the finality of my move. Emotionally, my move has taken about a year. I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with Brooklyn and have grown to respect and admire the place I came from without any regret any leaving it. I have found what I need in this new place and although it took time, I allowed myself that time in order to be able to say the emotional move is complete.
Love Always,


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