Meet Joe Blaq

Dear Music Industry,

Last week I experienced something you have truly been missing. An utterly amazing musical rendition by a performer called Joe Blaq.  The sort of thing that made you want to keep moving in time to the music but also stand perfectly still so you could capture it all and not miss a single beat.

Last Friday I walk into Conolly’s Pub in Times Square with one of my girlfriend’s to watch Meet Joe Blaq’s first live performance in New York City.  When we walked in there was this man sitting on a stool and he gave a little half wave as he caught my eye. I raised my eyebrow just slightly before turning back to my friend so that my back was fully to him.

“Do you know him?” She asked


I led her to the bar and we got on a stool to prepare to watch the show.  Joe Blaq is my cousin and I could not be more excited to see him and celebrate this big New York City moment for him. He’d moved from Kansas City in December of 2009 and has a vested interest in other facets of the music industry but this…this was his big moment and I was going to be front and center for it.  I text him to find out his ETA and he text me back that he was walking in the door. Sure enough, I looked up and there he was coming through the door. He hadn’t seen me yet and I knew when he did it would be a very big reaction. I slid off my stool and walked to him and out of the corner of my eye I could see the waving man approaching my cousin as well.

“Hey Cousin!” He scooped me up and spun me around and then placed me down and extended another huge hug to the waving man. I turned and smiled at him sheepishly,

“Umm…do I know you from somewhere?” I asked.

Both him and my cousin looked at me quizzically  and he smiled and answered, “Well, if Joe’s your cousin than I am too.”


I smiled and returned to my seat to watch the show. Utterly embarrassed by that interaction but so touched, moved and inspired by the show of Joe Blaq. Most of the audience came to Meet Joe Blaq and they were not at all disappointed. I, on the other hand, came to meet the rest of my family and was not at all disappointed either.

Love Always,


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