Goodbye Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I want to first acknowledge that I have given you 13 days longer than everyone else to prove to me there’s a reason to keep you in my existence. The unfortunate news is that you haven’t, thus this is the end of our road, we must part ways.

I have been watching the spread of this Facebook departure and on May 31, 2010 which was National End Facebook Day I watched a mass exodus of some of my closest friends from Facebook, all inciting the reasons of privacy and not liking the new look about Facebook.  I was a little late in coming to Facebook, stayed with MySpace longer than most and then did no social networking for a while so I thought maybe I should stick this out longer than most and just check on the general vibe a little longer.

Rarely do I actually go on the Facebook page, generally I access it through my Pinkberry and most of my Facebook interaction consists of pokes, status updates and the occasional upload of pictures. I’m not posting anything grossly personal on my page so I’ve never really worried about privacy as an issue and most of the time I can’t even remember what Facebook looks like so no complaints there. Then, a couple days ago I went on Facebook and not only was I shocked at the look and extremely confused about the layout and how to access my stuff I got the privacy thing right then. It’s not so much my privacy that’s being violated, it’s the privacy of others and the access I’m allowed into their private lives that’s being violated and I was appalled and immediately closed the page, vowing a Facebook break.

Some could say Facebook is being abused but I believe there’s a certain amount of ignorance that the Facebook people rely on in making people feel comfortable enough to post some of the things they do.

The #1 privacy violation I see on Facebook is people posting pictures of their newborns hours after they’ve been born. Then the posting continues with pictures of them in the bathtub, naked on the changing table, and really adorable pictures of them nursing (Are you serious!?!). This is the World Wide Web people! That means that more than just your friends and family have access to these pictures and there’s more than just ooohing and aaahing going on over the nakedness of the brand new child you brought into the world with a duty to protect from the world!

#2 Privacy Violation: Status updates that tell their entire network about where they are, what they’re doing, and with whom they’re doing it. It’s interesting to me because Facebook uses this little word called the “network” to describe a group of people who have access to your information and for the most part this is the default setting for privacy.  We have no idea who this network consists of and Facebook is playing to your ignorance in allowing the network access to all your whereabouts, however I’m guessing the network is bigger than the 150 people you think you’re communicating with. Has anyone ever heard of predators? Sexual predators, women predators, child predators, people predators! You’ve taken all the guesswork out for them! Now, all they have to do is follow the very explicit details in your status update and they’ve got you! Whew! Saves them hours of endless stalking and hiding out to get you!

#3 Privacy Violation: Boyfriends/Girlfriends. I barely even want to go here except to say that I’m very interested in the statistics on how many break-ups Facebook has caused. How often has a girlfriend become an ex-girlfriend because she logged on to Facebook and there was a friend suggestion to which she clicked on, wondering how they were connected, to find pictures of that woman hugged up, kissy, kissy with her man. How are they linked? They’ve both been tagging their “boyfriend” in all their pictures. Natually, this is outside of the insecure stalking that goes on through the use of Facebook.

So, it’s been real Facebook, or not real enough if you think about it, but either way it’s time for me to say Good-bye. I’ll visit you again in six months and see if there’s been any growth or improvement and if there hasn’t been there’s no reason to continue the relationship.

Love Always,


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