Speed Dating

Hello Salon Stories,

Thank you for the amazing adventure of Speed Dating this weekend. It was delightful and wonderful and nothing at all what I’d expected it to be.

I opened my email a few weeks ago and the invitation to come Speed Dating at the Salon Stories event was there waiting for me, beckoning me and curiously asking me why I haven’t been to any of the last three. These are my brother’s that put on the event, even if I do nothing other than go to support them I’ll be doing more than what I have planned for that particular Saturday Night. I read the email once again:

Parts 1, 2 AND 3 were kinda dope! So we’re back for Part 4!

Both Singles and Couples are welcomed!

Hosted By Kel Spencer

Watch the commercial HERE for details and for a good laugh, lol!

Details Below…

SATURDAY, June 19th

Crossroads Supper Club

402 3rd Avenue & 6th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn

Doors open @ 3pm. Dating Starts @ 5pm and Ends @ 8pm

Please Arrive by 5pm!!!!

Full Dinner & Drink Menu’s available

Men are FREE Before 4pm

Tickets are $20 or only $10 w/ an RSVP reply to this e-mail

If ladies A- RSVP & B- Bring a guy with them (Brother, Co-worker, Friend, etc…),

then each of your tickets are only $7 a piece.


We hope to see you there…

and I RSVP’d. Then I forgot about it. I mean totally 100% forgot about it. Until Thursday night when I couldn’t make the video premiere of Kel Spencer’s “Eye On You” featuring Lydia Caesar and asked “When’s the next event? I’ll make it a priority to be at that.”

Aaawww…yes…the Speed Dating reemerged. Now, if you’ve been following my blog you know that I’ve had some pretty awful dates. There was Bad Date #30046 and then let’s not forget Bad Date #1113 so I have done the dating thing and I know the dating thing and the only thing that can make a Bad Date better is knowing that it’ll be over in 3 minutes.  So I followed the directions of Kel Spencer the facilitator of the event and I found my seat at a table ready for the dates to begin!

At which point I sat awkwardly at a table by myself without a date. Ummm…I just discovered there are many ways to date uncomfortably and many ways to be rejected without a man even opening his mouth.  It was one of those things where I felt like I was back in Junior High School having the naked dream and the spotlight was on me. I couldn’t even lift my head to make eye contact with anyone because everyone else was on their dates, so I just started at my blank index card, taking a sudden interest in the fine fibers Mead uses to make cardstock.

Finally, the three minutes concluded and thankfully I was spared the embarrassment of sitting alone yet again. A nice gentleman sat at my table and I introduced myself according to my number, “Hello 34, I’m 17.” We shook hands and then I asked him what he did for a living.

“I’m a professional dancer.”

Just as I was beginning the polite nod he asked, “Do you want to see?”

Ummm…sure. At which point I focused completely on him, unwilling to take on the reactions of anyone around us as this young brother went into a full pop-lock and drop-’em routine using only his upper body. I did however make a fantastic connection with him because it’s just the sort of thing we’d invite someone to our school to do for our students.

He moves on. Just as no one is coming to the table the host Kel Spencer instructs this gentleman to come to my table and the man literally comes drrraaggging his feet. I watched him take on the persona of a two year old going to get their first cavity filled. A minute and  half into our date when he finally plopped himself into the seat across from me I said,

“Ummm Sweetheart you don’t have to sit here. I certainly don’t want to force you to be here.”

To which he replies, “I have to, Kel’s making me.”

I just stared. I mean, what exactly does a woman do in that position? Thankfully, he took the opportunity to fill the gap in the conversation with more complaints about me,

“You’re one of those stuck-up women who comes in here with your girls and acts like you’re too good for a dude to approach you. I mean, you don’t even know me and you probably already have a million opinions about me, don’t you?”

Again I stared. Just as he was opening his mouth to expound upon his explanation Kel Spencer announced,

“You’re date is over.” Thank God. I shrugged with remorse and extended my hand in one final handshake. No more dating for me!

Instead, I figured I’d head upstairs to the bar to get some water. Just as I was gracefully passing the top step my five-inch heel caught on the lip of the stair and sent my propelling forward across the floor toward the bar. I quickly picked my sexy self up, so glad that Jessica Parker moment went unnoticed when who should be standing there? None other than Flo-Blitz Bennett himself ready to roll on the floor with laughter!

In the infamous words of Martin Payne, DAMN! damn! DaMn!

Love Always,



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