Gone Natural

A couple weekends ago there was a Martin marathon on one of the cable stations. I started watching it and was cracking up laughing! I grew up on Martin and Living Single and watching it brought back the memories of loving those shows but even as I was watching the marathon I became aware of how many truly hilarious things went over my head as a teenager.

The constant jokes about Pam’s hair for one. At the age I was when I was watching those jokes I had no idea what a weave was, I hadn’t even convinced my mother to let me wear my hair in braids yet! But Martin goes in on Pam’s weave! Every episode there’s a reference to her and her horse’s mane.

Now, living in Brooklyn I absolutely get the weave thing. I have still never once had one in my hair and have never considered it but I have done just about everything else possible with my hair. I’ve worn it in box braids, cornrows, loose braids and faux locks. I’ve relaxed, Brazilian Keratin treated it, dyed it, fried it and cried over it. My hair has been the source of so much frustration and so much of my energy and at times my defining beauty. I have ridden the roller coaster with my hair- gone from loving it inside of one moment to hating it inside the next. Have worn it long, in a bob cut, short, medium, in a ponytail. My hair has been through it all.

I have once again taken my hair on a journey. A road we have yet to travel down together. I have gone completely natural. Now, I have not had a relaxer in my hair since college but that doesn’t stop me from very masterfully blow drying it, pressing it out, wrapping it and exhausting it to be as straight as possible. I have also worn it ‘natural’ during the summer months before. Meaning it was roller set to be curly or had tons of gel and moisturizer and spritzer and any other curl product I can find in it.

What’s different about this time is I went to Delux Gallery in Brooklyn and had my favorite hairstylist in the world cut my hair into a baby afro. Then she rubbed a little of Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade through it and out the door I went. My hair is literally wake and go and natural in every way. It’s beautiful and I love it and even as I think about what it will look like as it grows out I am so excited at this Something New I’ve done with my hair.

The power of Pinkberry keeps you connected to my hilarious adventures.

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