Hate on Me Hater

Dear Jill Scott,
This past week I pulled out Volume 3 album and have been listening to it and hearing it differently for the first time in so many aspects. It’s exactly as you describe it, a very adult album but one of the thing you also says in reference to your song Hate on Me Hater is that you’re always going to have haters. That got me thinking…what if one of those haters was your own mate? The person you’ve chosen to stand by your side, love you and support you? The person you have partnered with to build a future and a life together? What if they’re your Number One Hater is your Number One?
A few years back a friend of mine was dating a man that kept the spice in their relationship by sparking an argument constantly in their relationship. Almost daily she would report to work with long, involved stories of their arguments and the drama would continue as she used every break to call him and further the argument, every now and then he would even show up on the job to finish what had been started the night before, continued into the morning and would last long into the following evening.
This was their routine and she grew so accoustomed to it she was unable to operate without their daily arguments. What once started as a private affair between the two of them eventually became a public spectacle as they would take up arguing anywhere at any given moment.
As friends we worked to steer her in a more positive direction, to constantly give our input and eventually to be brutally honest about how this was not a healthy relationship. Yet, she continued forth and when the arguments grew big and bold and volatile enough to threaten breakup they got engaged. Then just as it seemed she couldn’t survive even one more day in this treacherous atmosphere they married. Prayerfully, before any children were inserted into the picture she opened her eyes to the reality and walked away.
As little girls, young women and eventually adult ladies we dream of so many things we want for ourselves and how our prince charming will be. Never once do we imagine ugly red slashes through the canvas of our painted white serenity. So why is it that in the face of our biggest hater being the one we’ve committed ourselves to so many women can’t turn and walk away, knowing something better lies in the greener pastures further down the road?
Love Always,

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