BET Awards 2010

Tonight Queen Latifah will be hosting the 10th Annual BET Awards Show and there is a lot of hype as well as negativity about it.  On Twitter there are people boycotting the Awards show all the way to people anxiously waiting for it to air and stars tweeting from the red carpet.  It’s so interesting the progression BET has taken on its 10 year journey and even more so the journey the awards show has taken.  Travel down the yellow brick road with me:

2001: Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer

20o2: Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer

2003: Monique

2004: Monique

2005: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

2006: Damon Wayans

2007: Monique

2008: DL Hughley

2009: Jamie Foxx

2010: Queen Latifah

As you probably remember last year BET rushed to put together a tribute to Michael Jackson that caused the entire show to be revised within 3 days of its original air date. Due to this the tribute was rushed and BET employees later came out to make complaints against BET and the way the management of the Awards show was handled, as well as the way the staff were treated and how embarrassing the final outcome was.

Every year we used to go to the Awards show in some shape, form or fashion. At times we were with the band (whichever band that was for the year), one year I went with a boyfriend who was on his way to making it big, large, enormous (he’s still on his way, just you wait!), and another year we actually went as seat-fillers. That just may have been my favorite year to go. Just so you know, seat fillers are people who sit where the big-time stars sit when they get up to use the restroom, mingle, or leave after only being there 15 minutes. I sat in all the stars seats at one point or another and the best part is when they come back, many of them are very gracious about you holding their seat for them so when the cameras pan the audience it always looks full. Most of these people are truly good people and really appreciate your fans.

I remember it when it was at the Kodak Theatre, when with moved to the Shrine Auditorium and there was a fire code violation, the entire show was shut down while the fire marshals moved through the audience clearing people out of the aisles and standing along the back.  I remember the years P. Diddy was showing up with Kim on his arm, and the years he was showing up with several others on his arm. I was there when Busta had locs and the first year he debuted his clean shaven-head. I was there when T.I. was just some cute little guy and when he was all over the charts.

I’ve seen a first-hand glimpse of the journey the BET Awards have taken. Last year I missed them altogether, had no idea they were coming on until I heard about Drake’s horrifying performance.  This year I’m aware they’re coming on and although I’m not boycotting them I’m also just not interested in them. In half an hour I’m sure to turn my television on and keep it as background noise while I prepare for my day.

The question is: What happened? How is it that BET Awards are fully anticipated, very fully attended, held in a fantastic venue but still remain second tier behind all of the other major awards shows?

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