The Break Up in Cleveland

Dear Lebron,

I understand the reason you broke up with Cleveland, in fact I can even understand you going to Miami in search of happiness and a chance to hang with your boys. I mean you were the most popular man on campus for 9 days. It was like the football player that every cheerleader wants to sleep with during the first part of the new season. They court you, buy you things and promise you things. Each one is offering you a better deal but in the end you have to choose the one that’s going to end up on your arm.

Now, in the background of all this is the girl you had in high school. The one who stuck by your side during your worst moment and cheered you on through all of your best moments. She was there beside the rest of your family when you won the game that advanced you into the finals, beaming along with you. She was there when you lost the game that would have advanced you into the finals and cried and pouted publicly. She’s been there and she’s still here watching you go on date after date with the hot new prospects but all the while hopeful that you’ll come back to her. She doesn’t say a word, doesn’t put up a fight, just watches.

Then on the day of the announcement she’s just as poised by the television watching for your Decision.  She continues to believe and continues to have faith in you as her number one man until she hears you utter the words,

The team that I’m going to just found out. No one else knows.

No one else that is except the teams that were courting you and just realized they don’t know who you’re going with so it’s clearly not them. And her…she doesn’t know. She talked to your mother this morning just like you did. She watched you waffle between teams and she was still sure you would come back into her waiting arms at the end of the night. You had your fun but surely you would come home. Never for a minute realizing your Decision was going to be the impending breakup.

So are you really that surprised she went home and wrote you a Dear John letter and publicly posted it for all the world to view?

Love Always,


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