5 Things About Sunny

Dear Friends,

It’s not often that I get an opportunity to write to you about who I am. Today is the last day of me being the me you have always known me to be. I am in a Transformative Education Course called Landmark Education in which I have the opportunity to create for myself a life that I love and love the life that I’m living. That transformation will be complete for me tomorrow evening and after that I will be the New Me!

So, I’ll share who I always have been and who I’ve been up until this point so you’ll be able to wish me farewell and fully embrace the new me.

1. I AM CREATIVE: My two favorite hobbies are Scrapbooking and Crocheting and I can do amazing things with both.  Life has gifted me some amazing opportunities to gift both of these projects to some of the most important people in my life throughout my life.  I have given brand new babies blankets that eight years later are still folded up each morning and laid across the end of their bed. I gifted my nephew two scrapbooks. One of him when he was born and one of him a year later. I gifted one of my best friends a Scrapbook of the first 30 years of his life, the 30 songs he’s written and 30 biblical scriptures that capture the essence of who he is.

2. I AM SOCIAL: I have been involved in every social group imaginable from student government, cheerleading, basketball and track in high school to Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and many other clubs and organized activities in college. As an adult I’ve been on committees, volunteered, led church groups and networked my butt off. I have several groups of friends and am one of those with a persistent complaint that I’ll have absolutely nothing to do one weekend and the next will be the weekend all my friends plan things and I’ll be committed to attend them all.

3. I AM PICKY: There are so many fantastic places I could go with this right now but for the purpose of this post I’m just going to stick to picky in terms of food. Here’s the way a typical meal is ordered with me at just about any restaurant: I’d like the BBQ chicken salad but with no corn, no carrots, please substitute feta cheese for jack cheese, no green stuff, no onions, no croutons. Can you please put my BBQ sauce and ranch dressing on the side and please don’t put the chicken into my salad you can bring it to me on a separate plate.  As a friend said to the server the other night at dinner: We love Sunny for so many things, this is not one of them!

4. I AM INTELLIGENT: I love to read, LOOOOOVE to read. I read close to three books a week and now that I have the Kindle that has increased to about five books a week as there is no wait time between finishing one book and starting another and I am able to consume more books without wait time. Large vocabulary words are one of my favorite things in life and as a writer that’s not a bad thing, actually quite convenient. I love large words and it’s an ongoing joke in my house about the way I would use them even as a child. In Junior High School I told my boyfriend I had to break up with him because I felt he was being too clandestine about his after school activities.

5. I AM LOVE: I am the type of friend, sister, auntie, daughter, teacher, girlfriend, cousin, niece and granddaughter that loves and loves fully. I have loved each of you through every step of my life and I acknowledge you for all the support, love, patience and kindness you’ve given me. As I reinvent myself through the education of this Forum I am so excited because there’s so much about myself that has been holding me back from life but I am also aware of how unconditionally I love each and every one of you. Even as many of you have known me at many different points of life I have always known how much you love me and will continue to pour out that same love along this journey of life.@

Love Always,


One Response to “5 Things About Sunny”
  1. Marie Bennett says:

    Nice blanket, Ms.Intelligent, Social Picker. Can you teach me to crochet?

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