Lydia Caesar’s Masterpiece

Dear Friends of Sunny,

I haven’t done a post this personal and this reflective in awhile but I opened three emails this morning that touched, moved and inspired me in a way that brought to light in a major way the impact the people in my life have on me as an individual.

The first email was from my all-time favorite Rock n’ B Chick Lydia Caesar. If you’ve known me more than five minutes you know there’s two artists in New York whose shows  I’ll do any and everything in my power to be at: Kel Spencer and Flo Blitz’s shows and Lydia Caesar’s shows. I’ve even had a couple opportunities to see them all on stage together or all on the same night which in essence is like being able to have Cold Stone and Pinkberry all on the same day. A rarity but the best treat ever when it does happen.

It’s not often you can have a favorite artist and NEVER be disappointed by anything they do but that’s what I get from Ms. Lydia Caesar. So back to her email. It was about the release of her new single Masterpiece and provided the link for her free download. But more than that she gave the background and insight into the genius and reason behind Masterpiece.

Here’s what she says:

Masterpiece : a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.
Amazing right? How can that not touch you, move you and inspire you?

THIS SONG IS SO SPECIAL TO ME, and I’m going to explain why.
The song is about me, and whether you download it or not, it’s probably about you too. In so many ways I fall short in life. I’m so far from perfection, and I’m definitely no ‘MASTERPIECE’. However, over the course of my life wonderful people have come into it and taken my little scraps, my flawed person, and done wonders with it. This is a song about love, unconditional love between you and whoever it is that helps to make you wonderful. Despite your ugly ways, and imperfections….if we will allow ourselves to be loved, SOMEONE will make a MASTERPIECE out of us. The ultimate example being God.

Enjoy the song!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!

This has been a tough year for me in terms of relationships and friendships. I keep attributing it to the growing pains of life but giving it a title is like having a security blanket, it provides temporary comfort to hide behind does not actually make it any easier (Thank you Mercedes D!). I have done miles of self-discovery and transformed dozens of relationships in my life but it still hurts when a friend, family member or lover depart from my life, no matter what shape that takes on.

My mother always used to say to me that everyone in your life has an entrance and an exit and while we always recognize the entrance we sometimes forget about that exit that is sure to come one day. I blew her off because I am the type with a thousand friends and they all serve their unique purpose. I maintain friendships very well and prided myself on being the type that knew  exactly how much to give to each individual friendship.

My childhood best friend and I can go 6 months without speaking a single word and then pick up right where we last left off. That’s our relationship and we’re both exactly comfortable in our roles. It works for me.

My best friend from college and I talk on the phone at least five times a week, sometimes twice a day and anywhere from two minutes to two hours in duration. That’s our relationship and what we’re both comfortable in. That works for me.

My ‘brothers’ that live in New York I know I can count on for anything at any time. I can tell them any and everything and never wonder for a moment about their unconditional love for me. At some points in my life I’ve seen them three or four times a week, at other three or four times a year. Regardless, I can call them for nothing at all and they’ll be there or I can call them in an extreme emergency and they’ll be there. That’s our relationship.

The list goes on. Each friend having their own place and their own role in my life.

But this past year there have also been some relationships that worked for a very long time but are not working any more. It breaks my heart both when they stop working and when they stop working in the same way.

I fell in love with a friend. According to Common that’s one of the best things that can happen. For me it took a relationship that was working and working well exactly the way it was and turned it into a relationship that has now stopped working.  In its place I’m left with that feeling that although the transition from records to CD was attractive and alluring some songs are best played by record. Basically, even when you think you can see a better purpose for a relationship that already exists it doesn’t mean you can’t love that relationship exactly the way it is.

My move from Los Angeles to New York opened up so many new doors for me and has been amazing but it also left some friendships unfinished and over time those unfinished friendships remained incomplete and recently I experienced they are no longer incomplete they are now nonexistent. It hurts you know? It hurts. I couldn’t figure out why, was struggling to quite put my finger on it until today when I listened to Lydia’s single and it hit me.

The pain is there in the same way the love is there because each relationship gained and lost, each interaction made and broken leaves its imprint on my heart. At some point not only did I love you unconditionally but I allowed you to love me the same. It isn’t just about the contribution I made into the life of others, it’s all about the contribution I allowed them to make into me. Time and again I’ve allowed myself to be loved and each time I have I’ve been made more complete, more whole and more perfect by the love of another. Each individual that has touched my life has left behind more than just a memory, they’ve left behind a piece of their love and all those pieces complete the puzzle of who I am today.

Amazing right? You can see why I keep this Chick on repeat right?

Listen. Listen and listen again:

Scoop up more Sunnyness tomorrow to find out about the other two emails!

Love Always,


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