5 Things About Dallas

Dear Dallas,

Thank you for taking such great care of me! I had an amazing Dallas trip and ended up falling head over heels in love with your city. However, you know you can’t really get away from me having something to say about the things of Dallas I took notice of:

1. Pregnant women in the club- The first night I went out to a very interesting white party that ended up being the women dressed in white looking really fantastic and the men dressed in jeans and a white tee looking really hood. Apparently only the women read that women were supposed to be dressed in white and men were supposed to be dressed in black. So here’s the thing with white: we can see every curve, every roll, every bump you have in your body. Bump you ask? Yes, that baby bump that you’ve been hiding for the past five months is sticking straight out in your white dress. At first glance it just looked like that wasn’t quite the dress for her but upon closer glance it was clear to see she should be at home with her feet up flipping through the baby names book and choosing colors for the nursery. Then the next night the dress code was no longer grown and sexy but trendy and upbeat with only hard soled shoes allowed. It was actually an amazing little Mexican food spot turned nightclub and after waiting 45 minutes to get in and 45 minutes to get two dirty martinis we finally made it to the dance floor at which point we danced from the moment we got on it until the lights came up again it was such a fantastic time. But…I turned to my left at one point and there was another mom-to-be doin’ one of the many Texas line dances they do in the club. Big old belly just bouncin’ along to One Nation…Under God…Hallelujah!

2. Driving- Here’s the thing: it’s Texas so everyone drives a truck. Which would be fine except everyone drives a truck as slow as humanly possible, in fact most of the time it’s slower than humanly imaginable! They get on the expressway and zip right over into the left lane and promptly begin going 45 mph which confused me at first but then I noticed the speed limit is only 60 but Texans have apparently made a commitment to be well below the posted speed limit. Then we were in the parking garage looking for a parking space and we were behind this enormous white Escalade going 3 mph which forced us to go a little over 1 mph around several levels of the parking garage. It is the most interesting, most frustrating style of driving I’ve ever seen in my life!

3. Tap…tap…excuse me- People in Dallas have no awareness of personal space. Now mind you I live in New York City where there are 3 million people in your space every single day so I’m well aware that it is possible to exist shoulder to shoulder with other human beings without those shoulders ever actually touching. In Dallas they have yet to master that. If someone needs to squeeze by you they touch the small of your back or your shoulders to get by you. If someone needs to get around you they put both hands on your shoulder and ask to get around you. If someone needs to reach past you they put one hand on your waist and use their other hand to reach past you. If someone doesn’t hear you they put one hand on the top of your shoulder and lean in closer to be able to hear you better. It’s incredible! There is nothing they can’t do without touching you! They have not yet mastered the art of excuse me, everything is tap…tap…excuse me.

4. Country Folks- Dallas folks are country, I’m sorry they are. I believe it to be a well-kept secret from them but the rest of us are well aware that they are. We went to a fantastic Taco Diner, creatively enough it was called Taco Diner, and the sign in the bathroom suggested that if you are pregnant you should ‘think before you drink’. This was after several bullets on the sign that explained what it means to drink and be pregnant at the same time. The only other place where I’ve seen signs this detailed that actually end up giving you no information at all was Atlanta where they have signs that say ‘Throwing trash on the ground is called littering. Littering will result in a $500 fine. If you litter you will have to pay this $500 fine’. You know they’re country so I can only conclude that Dallas is as well.

5. My Family- It took me a little while of observing to get a feel for Dallas and to begin to understand a little of what it was about but it is now one of my favorite places which is perfect because it contains some of my most favorite people on Earth. My family. I laughed from the moment I got there until the moment I left. I was well-taken care of and enjoyed every moment. I left there reminded of the value of family relationships and best friendships. We talked a lot about how those can be difficult to maintain, especially as you get older and life has a way of creeping in and crowding out some of the most important relationships. But without these important people I am not at my fullest potential. Those relationships keep me balanced and focused and motivated and centered and their contribution of love adds to my life daily.

Love Always, Sunny

One Response to “5 Things About Dallas”
  1. hellotimi says:

    SMH @ pregnant women in the club? WHY?

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