Love Jones NYC

Dear New York Summers,

Thank you for your amazing Summer Concerts! I started off the summer with a Lydia Caesar concert and ended the summer in the same way. When I went on Wednesday night to Greenhouse to see Ms. Lydia perform her new single Masterpiece for the first time I honestly was going just to see Lydia. I have gone to so many of her shows and been pleasantly been surprised quite often by the other performers that are there. However, their performances have always just been the pathway to the performance of the night, which of course is Lydia’s performance.

Wednesday night my initial attitude was exactly that, every time the host came to the mic I had the same thought. I emerged from my partial interest fully alert to hear whether or not he was announcing Lydia as the next act and when he didn’t I sank right back into disinterest. Wednesday as I sat there I had the same attitude and was only willing to make small talk with those around me as I munched on the free buffet provided by Jacob’s in Harlem and watched the acts.  Against my every attempt to remain disinterested something happened that caused me to set my plate down, lean forward and give all my attention to the performer that had taken the stage.


My jaw literally dropped in amazement as I watched his performance. The first song he did was called “I’ll Make It Up to You” and it’s clearly a direct message of love to women who have been abused mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically. Very different from Usher’s Moving Mountains this song is not begging the woman to put those old hurts aside, J-Harris is acknowledging that there was a man before him that did a woman very wrong and on behalf on every man that has caused that woman hurt, pain, anger and tears he apologizes.  He goes even further in his apology to say he’ll make it up to her. Whatever she needs him to do he’ll make it up to her.  I fell instantly in love.  We as women have been hurt and we’ve been hurt by men that we have given every ounce of our heart to and continued to give our heart long after the hurt began.  Yet, we are so embarrassed by not being woman enough, by being that woman that could drive a man to that point (in one abusive relationship I was in I really thought I had gone crazy!) that we feel like we have to hide it and pretend to be whole clean and healthy for the next man in order to move forward. Time and again we hear from men that they don’t want to have to clean up another man’s mess, carry another man’s baggage. What we as women hear is we are the mess, we are the baggage and the sooner we shut up about it the sooner they’ll be able to find us attractive, love us and commit to us.  But, as J-Harris says

“he broke the rules when he put his hands on you. Everything he put you through, everything that you’ve gone through now it’s all washed away. There are endless days ahead of you.”


Because, “he’ll wipe away your tears, get rid of all your fears.”

J-Harris wants to be that man that helps that woman achieve in getting her breakthrough from all the old hurt, pain and anger, not simply pretending that the old feelings have magically washed away and been replaced by the newly healed person you see before you.

That was only one song of several others that he performed at Greenhouse. It was the song that grabbed me, the lyrics that pulled me in, the dancing that had me mesmerized and the total package that caused me to fall in love. I don’t say that lightly either. As readers you know I’m not shy about acknowledging the only three artists I have as my favorites in New York City. I mean really, once you’ve been to a Kel/Flo/Lydia show there’s really nothing else that an blow your mind like that. Yet somehow J-Harris managed to do that this week. He climbed right up there and perched himself on the ledge with my other top favorites and I can honestly call him a brand-new favorite.

Of course, along with just liking the performance of an artist I have to be 100 percent sure I can support the person that is the artist that is named J-Harris so I looked him up when I got home that night and my love for him only grew. From his website I learned:

J-Harris aka Joseph H. Fleming has found a way through his music, with sound and words, to look into your heart and speak to your soul, to have a conversation with you in a place inside of you that you may not even know exists.  Pay attention to his words, while you’re enjoying his music and you’ll find that place.

He has categorized his music as MCM which stands for “We make Music with a Conscious Message”. “…I’m conscious of what I put out there; I feel it’s really important in today’s world to do so. Music is now the weapon of the future, and my purpose is to be a blessing to others, not a hindrance.”

J-Harris is an entrepreneur/singer/songwriter/producer/consultant/manager from New York City. His mission is to inspire and bring hope and self-empowerment to all that hear his music.   His dream is to reach as many people with his message, as possible, in hopes of making a positive difference in the world.

Music made with a Conscious Message (MCM) is a new music genre defined by Joseph H. Fleming aka J-Harris. It is music that always embodies a message of hope, love, self-empowerment, or encouragement. It is an emerging genre that incorporates the best of R& B, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Contemporary Christian and Pop/Urban Music. It is music by artists who understand that music is one of the world’s best and most effective vehicles for conveying messages and influencing the moods, minds, and hearts of people across all ethnic, religious, and socio- economic lines.

The MCM Movement is being led by artists and others who are conscious about what message is promoted through music, and who want to encourage others to embrace that consciousness. The Movement understands that “music is the weapon of the future.”

Not to mention he’s so cute!

Love Always,


P.S. Yes! Lydia Caesar stole the show that night! She was amazing and Masterpiece brought tears to my eyes in the way she performed it. Once again a phenomenal performance by Lydia Caesar.

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  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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