Long Island Railroad

Dear MTA,

You have the kindest employee working for you and he happened to be helping me today. You know that kind of person that would do anything? The type that even in the face of an awful situation has his or her best foot out there offering assistance in any way possible, somehow managing to be everywhere at once? That was exactaly how this MTA employee was and it warmed my heart to have been able to make a difference in his day with a simple thank you as I boarded my train.

I leave work a little early today in anticipation of tomorrow’s first day of school, prepared to do all the things we advise the students to do: eat a big dinner, go to bed early, eat a big breakfast and come to school in the morning ready to learn. I get on the train to take me to Atlantic Terminal (which this man kept explaining to his clearly confused wife that he’d had to take the train to Atlantic City!) and I hear an announcement that the Long Island Railroad is running on a limited schedule due to a fire on one of the Babylon tracks. Delightful, because not only do I need that train to get to my destination but it happens to be the very track that goes by my home. Immediately I’m on the Pinkberry trying to track down the details of the trains that are running, the tracks they’re running on and how big the delays are. So by the time I arrive at Atlantic Terminal I have a game plan and have figured out how to reroute myself. Quite unfortunately few others have and the moment I step into the terminal there’s just a mass of confusion and frusterated people both on the side of MTA and on the side of customer yelling back and forth.

With the exception of this one MTA employee who was so delightfully answering every question, tracking down the answer when he couldn’t easily find one. Explaining what the problem was continually as someone approached him to ask about the burnt down tower station every few minutes or so. I myself even asked him the same question twice, and yet when I walked by him and gave him a huge thank you as I boarded my train he so kindly turned to me and asked “You okay? Will this train get you to where you need to be?”

Even in the midst of some of the most chaotic experiences it’s nice to know there’s someone there who can be the silver lining.

Love Always,



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