Vikings and Saints Encore

Minnesota Vikings helmet

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Dear NFL,

Thank you for finally starting! Finally! Tonight’s the kickoff game between the Saints and the Vikings. The States were left so enamored with the victory over Indianapolis in Miami at the end of last year’s season it’s been arranged for them to be the kickoff team this year. Vikings and Saints have played it close in the past so tonight should be a very interesting game.

Speaking of the past…

This game last year, the kickoff game, was a turning point for me in my New York City life.  It was the start of the second year that I’d been in New York and suddenly I went from having a timid and considerably anxious perspective of my new home in Brooklyn to having friends, a boyfriend, a “spot” where I watched the games and a life in New York City!

I’d had a mixer at my old job at The-no-longer-in-existence-Princeton Review and from there a group of us went to The-no-longer-in-existence-ESPN Zone and met up with my boyfriend and a group of his friends as well as a group of us from the fantasy football league that I was no playing on for the second year in a row.

It was a night of food, football and fun that I can’t wait to duplicate again tonight!

Gooooo Broncos!!

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