I Used to Love H.E.R.

Hip Hop Graffiti

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Dear Music,

I realize that I do a lot of posts around music and the truth is I love music almost as much as I love reading. It’s a major part of my life, drives my day, takes me back to moments once forgotten, and often is a better expression of my moods than words that could be driven from my own mouth.  I love music and I love all that it used to stand for. See, here’s the thing about MTV‘s VMA Awards tonight. I just can’t get excited about them.

It’s no secret that music is not what it once was but it’s a shame that at this point I would take the music of a few years ago over the current production of music that has spread across our country and in some cases even across the globe.  The original intention of meaning, the strength that it once held, the magic that was created through the collaboration of instruments, talented voice and background beats has been sold out to the necessity to mass produce the latest craving for the public.  I hesitate to even say that it’s as simple as quantity over quality, I truly believe music has reached such a low that we have actually begun to believe we like what we’re getting.

I am truly looking forward to John Legend and The Roots Album as it attempts to throw us back into a reminder of what music once was, the captivation, energy and soul it once held. I am not, however, looking forward to what MTV will present tonight with the Video Music Awards. I am not looking forward to the ridiculous amount of tweets, facebook posts and water cooler conversations that will occur as we accept the garbage current music has successfully managed to choke down our throats.

I love what Common does with the transgression of Hip-Hop, perfectly exemplifying the beauty that it started as and the way the industry turned it into little more than a whore on the side of the street forced to continually sell herself as her Pimp looks on, unconcerned by her now ragged appearance, her beatdown desire to please. Instead, moved by the sheer number of people that easily pull their car over to the road to pick her up, satisfied as a cat licking its paws by the ignorance of the current consumers and their willingness to be so easily addicted to a cheap high.

I might’ve failed to mention that the ish was creative
But once the man got you well he altered the native
Told her if she got an energetic gimmick
That she could make money, and she did it like a dummy
Now I see her in commercials, she’s universal
She used to only swing it with the inner-city circle
Now she be in the burbs lickin rock and dressin hip
And on some dumb ish, when she comes to the city
Talkin about poppin glocks servin rocks and hittin switches
Now she’s a gangsta rollin with gangstas
Always smokin blunts and gettin drunk
Tellin me sad stories, now she only messes with the funk
Stressin how hardcore and real she is
She was really the realest, before she got into showbiz
I did her, not just to say that I did it
But I’m committed, but so many hit it
That she’s just not the same lettin all these groupies do her
I see niggaz slammin her, and takin her to the sewer
But I’ma take her back hopin that the ish stop
Cause who I’m talkin bout y’all is hip-hop

Love Always,


2 Responses to “I Used to Love H.E.R.”
  1. Music in general has definitely fell off but there still is great music out there. You just have to look a little harder for it. I see so many post about the vma’s right now on facebook but im glued to this cowboys game right now lol. Good read.


    • Sunny Dee says:

      You are absolutely right. It’s the mass produced music and what is being performed and honored and revered at award shows on channels like MTV and BET that I consider to be garbage music.

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