September Love in NYC

Love for Arts

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Dear Love,

The start of this Brand New Season has officially turned me into a melting, fawning, eye-batting, lip-smacking, hand clasped at her chest girly-girl. Every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with something and every day I am left to wonder how this happened knowing that this is the season of love, followed by the season of cuddling which will soon give way to the season of new beginnings melting into the season of fun, fun and more fun in the sun only to take that love that is felt so deeply and so tremendously now and leave it swirling in the painful abyss of heartache.  But for now, right now I am in love.

As I was walking to work today I wrapped my scarf around my neck for the first time this season and it immediately made me think of how the seasons of New York City are similar to the seasons of love and the cycles last just about as long.  The first few months of any new loving, romantic interaction you are completely naked, shining, glowing basking in the radiant sunlight love pours down upon our face and fills your inner spirit forcing us to add an extra skip to our step or even just spread our loving arms way out in space and spin around, lost for a moment in this good feeling. Then, before you know it the wind blows just slightly, the tide changes just a little and we add an extra scarf, a jacket a layer of protection to coat us against the bitterness we know will be just around the corner. The hiding that is sure to be done soon. We enjoy this season as it gives us a chance to be naked sometimes, fully building up our armor those other times.

Then it hits, the bitter wintry cold and suddenly one jacket isn’t enough to cover us, to protect us to bundle us into the depths of the nakedness that now needs to be hidden. It’s five months into this delightful season and you’ve just found out about all that lies beneath and suddenly I’m not so comfortable in my born-day suit and I find myself layering on the protective coating while still braving this wintry season of love.

Just when I think I can take it no more, on the brink of giving up and swearing to move back to warm climates where the only jackets are for fashion and scarves merely complement my outfit, a little sun shines in once again and as it seeps through the cracks I grow comfortable once again and slowly begin to remove some of the protective layers I’d so adorned during those difficult times until I am left with only the scarf I grab, less for the warmth it provides and more for the safety it now is, dangling on one finger almost ready to be let go but also readily available should I need to quickly toss it on me for warm protection.

Then, before I know it summer has blossomed once again and I’m that girl you hang up the phone with rolling your eyes because every sentence started with “Isn’t it grand” or “I’m just so happy, the birds are chirping, the bees are singing, the flowers are blossoming and I can be naked once again.”.

I am in love.

“He pointed at me! He sang right to me!” I did my best to hush my whispers tonight at J-Harris’s monthly Maschil Entertainment Inc. Production of Love Jones NYC as I swooned in my seat, my cheeks flushed with excitement as I mouthed the words along with J-Harris as he performed “I’ll Make it Up to You”. It’s like he’s found that chord in my heart and he strums it while singing directly to every life experience I’ve ever had.

I completely had one of those moments.  You know the moment when you’re pretty sure everyone else in the room has faded away and you’re the only one he has eyes for, if he leans in and kisses a hand, a cheek, a baby toe on your left foot you promise never to wash it again because it’s him and he sang directly to you. That was me tonight. Topped off by the truth J-Harris told me after the show which was, he performed “I’ll Make it Up to You” specifically because I was in the audience.

I’m in Love.

Love Jones NYC. The show tonight was incredible. Simply incredible. With the likes of Ant Taylor, Tiko Pink, Cocoa Fox, Natalie Imani, Brian Gibbs, Devin and the rest of The LoveJonesNYC Stars there was an incredible energy, aura and something truly special going on with each artist that graced the stage tonight. I’ve been talking about it for a month straight and was very excited to be able to bring some close friends to join me tonight but the amazing thing is the show speaks for itself. Once we got in there and it started I didn’t have to say another word, they found themselves enraptured in the incredible amount of talent that J-Harris has identified and uses as part of the showcase.

LoveJonesNYC is a monthly thing and every time I’ve been I’ve seen Jazmine Sullivan and much of her supporting cast there.  This coming month J-Harris is proud to present the likes of Mya, Fantasia and many others. It’s amazing, if you missed it this time I’ll forgive you. Just don’t let it happen again.

Love Always,

6 Responses to “September Love in NYC”
  1. Ayinde Bomani says:

    wow…not only do you have sexy calves. But you write very well….Ayinde…

  2. Rosie says:

    Very NICE!!!!!

  3. Monique says:

    Hey Sun,
    You are beaming, gurl! Luv it!

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