With You I’m Born Again

Miranda Bailey

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Dear Shonda Rhimes,

Here’s the thing about your Season Premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy“. It was good. It always is. You have done amazing work with that show and seeing as how I have seen every episode in Six Seasons, most several times over it is the longest running love affair I have ever had with a Television Show. I love what you’re doing with the characters and with the exception of Isaiah Washington‘s departure I have adored every move that you made.

However, I really don’t like what you’re doing with Miranda Bailey‘s character. She is by far my favorite and I love everything about her and I cheered full-heartedly at the television screen when she met the cutie doctor and they started to have their thing. So why is it that when Meredith who is dark and twisty and her dark and twisty sister Christina are holding themselves together with glue and tape and often times not even putting much effort into that Deryck and Owen respond with “I’ll stay right here beside you forever, put a ring on your finger and just deal with your craziness.” but when Miranda tells Cutie Doctor she’s using school supplies to hold herself together the doctor just turns and walks away?

As I was watching I couldn’t help taking it back to the age-old conversation about the Black family which is that  we don’t need a man. Suddenly Tucker Junior doesn’t need a father, Miranda doesn’t need a man to help her through her difficult time and I just can’t get into agreement with that. As Black women when we go through the different things in our life we may not cry on the bathroom floor in our prom dress, we may not run through forests in the pouring rain with our best friend and we may not be the one that needs to be cut out of our wedding dress but it doesn’t change the way that we don’t want to do it alone either. What’s more is that I truly don’t believe the Black Man is so fickle that he would just easily walk away at the first sign of struggle within life or just because the woman he is dating and could easily fall in love with is going  through a difficult time.

I’ve now watched three different weddings on Grey’s Anatomy and all of them have been women who have put their mate through awfulness at several different points throughout the series but there they were anxiously watching up the stairs for her to come down, peering down the aisle in anxious excitement and finding the nearest post-it to write down wedding vows.

All I’m saying is that I would love to see my all-time Black character have some success in her love life as well. We have watched the Miranda’s character dubbed as the Nazi have people cowering in fear for several seasons but you’ve given her a softer side and then that softer side opened herself up to dating and it seemed like a great pathway to for her. Please don’t give up on Black Love just yet.

Love Always,


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