30 in 30 with Sunny Dee

Dear December,

It’s hard to believe you’re just around the corner but as New York‘s disgusting, muggy, humid, ridiculously hot summer fades into a gorgeous fall, complete with leaves changing and the smell of spicy pumpkin in the air I know that before long you will be upon us.

In anticipation, I have been thinking about the best way to celebrate my birthday which really isn’t until the end of December but if I want to do anything worth remembering I know that I have to start the planning process now. I went through a dozen different scenarios in my mind of the best way to celebrate my birthday and I’m in a truly unique situation because I have an equal amount of friends and loved ones on both coasts.  I know that if I choose to do a party on either coast I would have to choose which half of my life I would rather have there and that’s  a near impossible choice that I’m just not willing to make.

That being said I’ve come to a common ground that includes everyone on both coasts and everyone in between. Each day of December will be dedicated to one of my favorite things.  Clearly, not that original if you’ve ever watched a moment of Oprah or any number of news surrounding her and her favorite things. I’m not going for original here though, I’m going for the fullest surrounding of love one can imagine. I want everyone in my life to have an opportunity to celebrate my special day with me in whatever way they choose. For some, that will mean coming out to the events on their coast and for others that will simply mean sending their love to my Pinkberry, heart or through the phone lines. All of which permeates my heart.

I look forward to each and everyone of you joining me and I look forward to all the memories we will collect throughout this amazing month of December.  One thing I do want you to be prepared for is I’m asking that on the 25th day of 30 in 30 people do what they can to contribute into the life of a child who will not have the fullest holiday season. As you look for a child to contribute into I encourage you not to look too far.  It’s amazing the children we have right here in our lives who are in want. Could be the child next door that plays with your child and then goes home to the same dinner of beans and crackers night after night. Could be the little girl you see on the bus every morning making the daily commute to get her education, could be your own godchild who is being raised by a single parent who has nothing left over once all the basic needs are met.  I encourage you to give into the life of a child on the 25th day of 30 in 30.

Check out this link for the rest of the information and to stay in constant communication on all that will be going on during 30 in 30: http://www.lovealwayssunny.myevent.com.

Love Always,



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