Girls and Sports

Dear Sporting Franchise,

Another week of football has passed and as it goes by the Age Old question enters into my mind. Why is it that this is the one time of the year I never seem to see much of my female friends? I mean, I’m really not a snob when it comes to the Nationally watched sports. I’ll watch baseball, even once the Dodgers are out of the running to win the World Series, I’ll watch college and professional football so there’s plenty of opportunities to hang with me around these different very social events. Except, they’re all sporting events and for some reason the number or women representation within sports fans is extremely low.  One of my closest friends is at every sport event with me and thankfully we cheer for the same teams with the exception of baseball so we have a fantastic time hanging with the smack talking and cheering as we watch our victories ring in.

But…that’s about it. Most of my other girl friends are either there out of obligation to their boyfriends and pepper us with annoying questions the entire time or come because they enjoy the company and they’ll come just to hang. Then they show up in their Mrs. Tebow shirts and giggle while ordering one beer and nursing it the entire time.  I just don’t understand it. Where are all the hardcore sports fans? The ones who change the line up on all three of their fantasy football teams and then watch with vapid attention as they volley between cheering for their sports team and cheering for the members of their fantasy football team.

Where are my female friends that I can shop with, go see movies with, travel around the world with and watch football on the weekends with? The ones that I can exchange gossip with about the cute guy in our class that finally got out the nerve to ask her out, the annoying girl who always thinks the invitation includes her when we send out a mass email and the recent sex scandal that Brett Favre was forced to apologize to his team about before the game between them and the Jets?

Where are all the girls in the crowd of sports fans?

Love Always,



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