Do I Make You Happy?

Addison Montgomery

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Dear Shonda,

Hello, Hey there! It’s me again! I just watched the Season Finale of Private Practice because I was getting ready to delve into catching up on the three episodes I’ve missed this season and something really struck me. At the very end Addison, again, decides to go after the man of her dreams who happens to be her best friend’s husband Taye Diggs character. While there’s so much that goes into that I’m choosing not to even touch on that and focusing instead on what she says to Sam Bennett:

Do I Make You Happy?

Without hesitation the man answers “yes” and without hesitation Addison takes her clothes off, again, and climbs on top of him in the beginning of what all Shonda Rhimes viewers know will end in a sexual romp. Confused I tilted my head and even ran the DVR back. Did she say “Do I Make You Happy” or did she say “Do I Make You Horny”? Let’s not confuse the two because they are so clearly not the same thing.

There are so many women in college that have confused those two things and have experienced enough life to kidd themselves into believing if they can make a man happy sexually he will be happy with them and it is devastating to watch a show mainly revolving around adults thirty and over and just as confused about the difference between making a man happy and making a man horny. In the infamous words of the sister Shonda Rhimes show Grey’s Anatomy:

Seriously? Seriously! Seriously!?!

It’s sickening to see how many adult women over the age of 30 who are not married and do not have children still think the best way through a man’s heart is through his penis. Yes, I said it (and my GODMOTHER reads my blog so I know the risk in saying that). It’s true. This day in age there are 71% of women in my age bracket who are husbandless and childless which is up from 58% in 2008. We are all out here lost and confused and doing our best to figure out the best way to a man’s heart but I am appalled that the television show we are most bought into at this stage in life suggests that if we merely spread our legs a little more, jumped on our backs more often and projected yes (fake or not) we would at the very least be able to fool those men we make horny into thinking they are happy.

However, let’s be real, never quite happy enough for marriage right? Not quite happy enough for the baby carriage. So, what it boils down to it pretty to look at, nice to hold, but on the idea of marriage…I’m just not sold.

Love Always,

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