Toys ‘R Us I-pod Trade Up Not for Us

iPod nano 5G

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Dear Toys ‘R Us,

I understand what you are trying to do with the I-pod trade up but today I went very excited to trade in two of my Apple I-pods, a third generation Nano and a third generation Shuffle. I marched right into the Toys ‘R Us in Times Square with both of my I-pods nestled securely in their original casing in the depths of my purse and when I first walked in I was expecting to see a line a mile long of other anxious buyers ready to trade in their I-pod for the $100 gift certificate that had been advertised.  I was shocked at my good luck that there was not a single person in line, in fact I walked right up to the customer service and said the magic sentence,

“I’m here for the I-pod trade-up.”

The sentence was met with immediate excitement, possibly a little bit too much excitement. I cocked my eyebrows and looked around at the still silent and empty customer service desk. I mean, I had brought my Amazon Kindle in anticipation of the line I just knew I would have to stand in, this was after all Times Square in New York City. Shouldn’t people just be lining up to trade in their old I-pod for a $100 credit toward a new I-pod? The woman flipped through this rather large book until she found the picture and description of the I-pod I held in my hand, I’d already become detached enough from it to start referring to it as my old I-pod.

Then the lady behind the counter with the magic book said the words that immediately alerted me to the reason the crickets cry could be heard in the customer service room at the Toys ‘R Us in Times Square:

“I’ll give you $12 dollars for the nano and $8 for the shuffle.”

Ummm…excuse me? Isn’t it supposed to be an I-pod trade-up? What exactly do you expect me to get or even try to get with $20 in I-pod bucks? Similar to the recent Kashi commercial I looked around for the hidden camera and as the confused customer service rep even began looking around herself I realized that this was not a joke. She seriously just offered me $20 to trade in two of my old I-pods and apply toward a new I-pod. The Nano starts at $149 and the next higher up after that is the I-pod touch and it starts at $299.

Soooo…I’m thinkin’ that $20 is not gonna get me too far. Even the earbuds are $39.99!

Needless to say, I promptly snatched back both my old I-pods and marched back out. Thanks but no thanks to your crappy I-pod trade-up Toys ‘R Us!

Love Always,



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