Dear Greenhouse NY, 

Thank you again for allowing your space to be filled up with the sounds of J-Harris’ Love Jones NYC. As my footprints echoed down Vandam last night after slipping away from yet another amazing showcase hosted by J-Harris I looked around and watched as the energy and pulsating sound of the Greenhouse caused New Yorkers to slow down, turn their face up and wonder about what must be contained inside those artificial greenhouse style walls. Now you know if you’re getting New Yorkers to slow down it’s got to be for a good reason.

Which brings me back to some other footprints. The footprints that J-Harris’ showcase have left forever imprinted on my heart after that first time I dared allowed the talent he has put together to carefully trod across.  You know how when you fall in love for the first time, I mean anytime you fall in love with something for the first time, it feels like someone crept in with a gentle nature and suddenly left the largest, deepest footprint on your heart? From that moment on you know that piece of you has forever been changed and even if the love doesn’t last as long as the forever you thought it would, what’s left behind is a very large footprint for the next to fill. That’s my current relationship with Love Jones NYC. Whether it lasts another month, a year or the rest of my lifetime I will never be able to turn back, that footprint has forever been left on my heart.

How appropriate is it that Footprints…I’m here also happens to be the name of Joey Flemings’s album.

As I was standing on line last night (umm…yes, I did say on line) this gentleman asked me if this was my first time out. I gave him the sister girl roll of the eyes, swivel of the neck and shake of the head. First time? Uh…no, I had to quickly let him know I have a love affair goin’ on with Love Jones NYC. Me and Love Jones got a thing goin’ on. I got a Love Jones. Together we laughed and as we continued our conversation on line (trust me, I’ll be the first to RSVP for VIP next month) I couldn’t help but think about how not only is the talent J-Harris has in his showcase amazingly beautiful, talented, intelligent, motivated and inspirational but so are the people he draws out to his showcase.  This is definitely an upscale setting of beautiful and progressive people.

After being greeted at the door by the sweet, warm smile of Mrs. Fleming I found my way through a very crowded Greenhouse, headed for the same spot I always occupy. I mean, it’s kind of like having Tony Romo as the quarterback on my Fantasy Football team, it may not be a keeper league but we’ve been doing this long enough everyone knows that’s my quarterback. Uhhh-hemm…I digress.  My point…that the seat I sit in every time I come to Love Jones NYC was taken, as was just about every other seat in the house. I ended up finding my way all the way up to the very top balcony next to the canvas Nathan Jalani Taylor was just beginning and would continue to build upon based on the energy and love that inspired him to paint as the night flowed. Did I mention that for only slightly more I could have had VIP seating, a free drink, no wait in line, unlimited dinner, a gift bag and an opportunity to win a facial in the raffle. It’s definitely on my to-do list. Particularly considering that this month a portion of the funds went to The Weaker Vessel– a national Anti-Domestic Violence Foundation Joey Fleming is a proud spokesperson and sponsor of.  It just keeps getting greater right? It’s like the gift inside of a gift only to open it up and there’s yet another gift!

The moment the lights dim, the drummers start up their beat and Joey’s sexy voice fills the room even before you can actually see him on stage the magic has begun and I peered entranced over the glass and down onto the stage as each performer graced the stage with their uniquely incredible talent and extreme beauty. From his co-host Angelique Cinelu, who grabbed the mic and declared that last month she was happy to just host but this month she was going to rock the stage, to his father, who so proudly declared his only claim to fame was being J-Harris’ father, I sat breathless on the edge of my seat.

Sophia Nicole empowered me to my very core with her lyrics “I don’t feel a bit unworthy because you chose to leave. I’ve reached my limit. Get your walking papers.”. You have to go on Reverbernation and listen to “No More”, I have it on repeat. Then this woman literally caused my jaw to drop when she invited Marshall Davis to tap dance while she sang along to the beat he created with his feet. I know Joey dubs his showcase “Like Vegas in NYC” but truly there is nowhere else you would see a show of this caliber and it’s all done with the such a humbleness and appreciation for his fans I always feel like I contribute to the conviviality of the show just by being a member of the audience.

It is easy to see how assiduously put together this show is and when J-Harris performs with his background singers and his background dancers it is easy to see how the bar got set so high as he masters a perfection in every performance that temporarily makes you forget you didn’t pay $257 and this isn’t the Eugene O’Neil Theatre. Last night he created the Illusional Sin so vividly I had to shake off the dream and pull myself out of his Inception!

Another fantastic night. I can’t wait for next month and please don’t forget the December 22nd Love Jones NYC is on my 30 in 3o list and we will have that VIP sold out!

Love Always,

Sunny Dee

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