I Kissed the Prince

Dear Snow White,

This is the second time during my professional career as a teacher my team of teachers and I have chosen to dress up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s always such a delight to have the students come in and exclaim with delight as they first see Snow White and then eventually see the dwarfs and repeatedly go through the process of working to figure out which dwarf their teacher is. Five years ago I was Doc, today I was Happy. What brings me to this post is that Five Years ago to this day I could relate with Snow White completely. I stood fully decked out in my carefully constructed costume and all I could think about was how I’d kissed the prince.  The itchy and hot beard hid the smile and the glow upon my face that had been left by the kiss of that prince.

Five years ago today I met The Storm and that purposefully accidental meeting changed my life then and has continued to impact my life. Come along on the journey as I am transported back to the memory of that first meeting with The Storm.

We had been going back and forth on the phone for about a week and I finally agreed to come and hang with him at the place where he was working. As soon as I swung my car door open and caught him fully bathed in the light of the door he’d opened for me to enter I knew he was the man of my dreams.

Literally…the man of my dreams.

Now, of course you know the story of how The Storm had appeared in my dream a few years before I met him but what’s interesting is not the way I suddenly found myself standing before the man of my dreams but the way my dream converged upon reality and the way it has changed my life ever since. I followed him back inside, temporarily blinded as the crash of the darkness and the light constricted my vision. Temporarily blinded to how this would come to be one of the most important meetings of my life. I watched as he worked  and  could not take my eyes off of him at all. Every task entrusted to him, every facet of his job he executed with excellence and, as he still is, he was the master of his domain.

Every time he took a break or had a pause in the forward momentum of his work he would take my breath away as he ran his finger up my forearm, whispered tales of my beauty into my hair or just held my hand as he led me from one room to the next.  At the end of the night when he finally leaned in and kissed me I knew that even if this moment never appeared again I had kissed a prince and just for a moment all the evil in the world faded away, there was no more work to be done and I opened my eyes to find all my nightly visions had become a reality. I kissed the prince.

Five years ago to this very day.

The Storm is dubbed that because, just like so many things occurring in nature, it is always good when he is there but the true cleansing doesn’t begin until after he has left and I’m examining the aftermath of all that is left behind. Usually, that means examining myself more closely than I have in a while. The initial magic of the Storm is like the first rains of summer when the entire season is ahead of you full of hope and full of promise but it fades away to reality and that is exactly what happened between myself and my Storm. I now see him for who he is, appreciate him for all that he is for me and although the magic that occurred between us was temporary I still value days like today when I can close my eyes and be transported back to the day my reality was a fairy tale.

A number of things occurring in my life right now are a direct link to having The Storm blow into my life even though after that first meeting he just as quickly blew back out. Meeting him five years ago has forever impacted my life and I can’t help thinking about how we are exactly where we are meant to be, even when we don’t mean to be there. Thinking about how if we had missed crossing paths by even an inch I would not have the same quality of life that I have now makes me really appreciate that five years ago today I kissed a prince.

Love Always,


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