30 in 30 at Bua’s

Dear Day 3,

You were an amazing day and it was amazing to have so many of my friends and loved ones gathered at Bua’s for 30 in 30. After an incredible workout at the gym I headed over to what has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the East Village and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was everyone there but they were waiting for me. I walked in to the chorus of hellos and turned around to a Pickled Martini being gently set down in front of me thanks to my good friend Tanthon. From there I was flushed with happiness at the celebration I found myself surrounded in.

In fact, the celebrating me got so involved our friend Neb had to make the announcement: “I know we’re celebrating Sunny but let’s celebrate her with words, not your mouth.” From there the fun reached a heightened level as we prepared to say good-bye to our second Tommy that would be left at the site of the celebration. After we had all said our good-byes we handed Tommy off to Sonovia the bartender that was making the most fantastic Pickled Martinis I’ve ever had at Bua’s.

From there the fun continued as we whipped out the TERC cards and started a game of Kings which several members of the celebration wanted to name Go Collecting! after a popular game that is actually part of the curriculum.  The game ensued in hilarity as it so often does. I got to be Rule Maker at one point and my rule was that everyone had to give me a compliment before they picked their card. I heard all sorts of things from I love the way you organized this 30 in 30 event to I love the gap between your teeth (there’s no punishment for using the same compliment every game but there should be! ;)).

The night ended with a trip to Dumpling Man where we each had a menagerie of Dumplings. I don’t know what it is about that place, I mean I sure do love it but they are always sold out of dumplings. It’s the strangest thing because I would think you could never sell out. I mean, shouldn’t you just whip up some more and drop them in the pan (or however they’re cooked) and then you would always have plenty. Apparently, I’m not in on the secrets of Dumpling making but I sure do know they are delicious!

Another great night of 30 in 30 celebrating!

Love Always,




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