30 in 30 at Miriam’s

Dear Rafael,

Thank you for taking such good care of us tonight at the kickoff celebration of 30 in 30. Everyone that joined us around the huge table that night had a fantastic time and was so impressed by the food and the drinks and the service. It was an absolutely incredible opportunity to share a place that I love so dearly with the people that I love so dearly.

In fact, Day 1 of 30 in 30 kicked off before we even left the building when I received a phone call that I had a package waiting for me down in the office of our building. I was heading out soon anyway and figured it must have been a recent order I’d make for Really Good Stuff and so I would pick it up on my way out of the building. We walked down to my office and much to my absolute surprise there was a huge, multicolored bouquet of roses waiting for me. Roses so beautiful and so unlike any I’d ever seen they immediately took my breath away as I anxiously opened the card and read the heartfelt message inside that can only be conveyed from the heart of someone who cares.

When we piled in the car to head to Miriam’s in Park Slope there was the best gift waiting for me on the front seat. Enough Tommy Monkeys to leave one at each place I celebrated a 30 in 30 event. It just adds to the thrill and excitement about an event I’m already very thrilled and excited about. The way it works is this, each time we go to a 30 in 30 event I write the date and the 30’s on the stomach of the Tommy Monkey and it gets left in a very special place at the venue. Tonight was 30 bites  so my bartender graciously accepted a place for Tommy behind the bar where he’ll forever sit in as remembrance of a truly fantastic night.

We started off with 8 meza plates and a couple of entrées, convinced that would be plenty of food but as the night continued and more joined the fun we kept the food coming and I was as proud of all the choruses of yum over the food as if I’d made each dish myself and personally delivered a meal as scrumptious as this one was. Rafael started our night off with potato pancakes in honor of the first night of Hanukkah and then ended it with some pastries that we fantastic.

Just as I shared with everyone all day long, it was the best day and a perfect kickoff to 30 in 30!

Love Always,






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