I Gotta Love Jones for You

Love Jones (soundtrack)

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Dear Melky and Day,

Ladies and Gentleman the Refugee Camp presents Melky Sadek on alto and Day on falsetto. Bringing back the old vibe.

Every night before I fall asleep I think of you, wishing that someday you’ll lay with me the whole night through. Ever since the day I saw your pretty face I’m in a zone.  I guess i caught a Love Jones.

Love Jones…I gotta Love Jones…I gotta Love Jones…for you.

Every time I go to J-Harris’ Love Jones NYC I walk out singing the theme song and it resonates within me for several days after I leave. Sunday December 12th was no different and on Monday as I prepared for my day I started thinking about how music is a direct reflection of our experiences but that our experiences are also heavily tied to music.

Songs carry such a memory and Love Jones is the most watched movie in my collection, the Love Jones soundtrack is the most listened to CD I own and the first CD I bought on I-Tunes when I switched to an I-pod. Here’s the thing, the moment “I Got a Love Jones for You” comes on I’m transported back to the very first time I heard that song, the way I first felt when the first chords and first words came through my speakers and filled my teenage mind with an expanding wonder of the world. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to feel this thing you spoke of, this Love Jones. From that moment forward I would no longer simply be content being Sunny Dee, I was Mrs. Jones anxiously anticipating this thing I would have with Mr. Jones when I would feel it coming down my arms and into my bones like fire.

It just takes me back and every time I hear it I’m right back to pulling out the soundtrack (there’s still somethin’ about an actual CD for me) and playing each and every song and going to whichever memory the wanderings of my mind takes me to as I walk through every time I’ve heard each song and the journey along the way in which I’ve never, even after many failed attempts, stopped believing that I will be Mrs. Jones.

Every song brings back a memory, returns you to the days, the nights and the reasons you had it on repeat. See, I think you can agree with me when I say music is about experience. Music is a powerful tool that holds the space for the experiences you’ve had in your life. It works to embed in your memory a context for every situation, every moment, every heartbreak, every triumph so that when you hear that song you are in that moment.

How many times has a song come across your speakers that you haven’t heard for a minute and you can’t even help yourself from calling out “Ooooh this is my JAM!“? For a moment, just for a moment you are not 32 years old with two children, a marriage that requires more work than your day job and a career that leaves you with money problems that keep you awake at night. For a moment, just for a moment you are fourteen year old girl again giggling in your room with your girlfriends about that boy you have a crush on, the one that you are pretty sure will end up being “The Sweetest Thing“.

Then the track changes and so does the memory and the music actually gives you access to the experience you had when you experienced that song for the first time, the second time or the last time. I remember the first moment I could relate to Hopeless and realizing the powerlessness of a penny with a hole in it.

Then there was the time I heard “In a Sentimental Mood” through speakers other than my own and even as I hit that track inside this moment a smile glows across my face as I get to by 19 years old again and in love for the first time. No more puppy love, this was loooove in the way God intended it! Love in the way I’d always imagined it to be. We lay on the couch together listening to Duke Ellington and John Coltrane and discussing the movie Frida as compared to the book which led to a deeper conversation of the female mentality and the strength Diego Riveria had in his love for a woman as strong as Frida. I was finally in a relationship with my soulmate and there was “In a Sentimental Mood” playing in the background.

Fast-forward two years and I had “Girl” on repeat thinking of the way things were really over between my Soulmate and I and our hopes and dreams couldn’t be saved. Even in the face of his acknowledgment that he was harsh and cold when he told me to step out on my own, knowing it would hurt me didn’t change the fact that he was a fool and he knew it. Again, music as an experience. I remember jumping that plane back to California leaving all the happy days when we were in love behind me and embracing all those lonely nights. As hard as he prayed, each and every day that I would walk back into his life it never happened.

It’s like this with music and it’s the reason I am so passionate about live music and about good music. The reason I live for J-Harris’ shows, Lydia Caesar’s next single and the collaborations that occur through Salon Stories. When the music is good it’s more than just a track, more than just 16 bars, it’s an experience and it gives us a place to return to from the moment we hear the first note.

I guess I caught a Love Jones.

Love Always,


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