30 Years Later

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing me into this world. It has been an amazing 30 year journey and I look forward to all that the next 30 will bring and the 30 after that.

My favorite story is the one my Godmother tells me each year and this year has been no different. 30 years ago my Godmother took a bus trip from the airport in Denver to the small town of Laramie, Wyoming that lasted most of the day.  When she finally arrived at the small apartment my mother and father lived in they were just jumping into a cab to go to the hospital. Her water had just broken! Together they all rushed to the hospital and my Aunt made a friend with one of the nurses while my mother toiled through the night working to get me out. My father was the proud Papa as he finally came to tell my Godmother of my birth! I was the first!

As I look back on all the years that have passed since that initial day I think about all that has transpired and made me into the person that I am and I am excited to be able to say I’ve come to a point where I’m living a life that I love and living that life more powerfully! In the year of the 30’s I believe I can have it all and have it exactly the way I want to have it.

Who I am is the possibility of powerful and vibrant partnership. What that means to me is that I’m able to interact with each of the people in my life as a powerful partner in my life. Every person in my life holds a strong place and no one is just a friend, just a brother, just a sister, just a colleague or just a partner. Each person that has chosen to intertwine their life with mine, no matter how briefly or in what way is a partner that has chosen to take this journey called life with me and I take that very seriously. It is a union between two people and I know that I am the type of person that can be entrusted with this partnership.

I’ve made some mistakes in life but I make no excuses for those mistakes and as I continue along this journey of life with each of my powerful partners by my side I want this to be a vibrant partnership, one that lights you up and makes you understand the enjoyment I have from every moment that our lives are intertwined. Who I am is a person that lights you up when you come into a room and see my presence, someone who you want to be with and be around. Who I am is a human being that has errors in her coding that sometimes cause you to exercise your forgiveness and allowances towards me in order to understand the mistakes I make but not allow any excuses for me to hide behind.

See, I’ve been this person for quite some times but it has taken trial and error to perfect the who I am of me and to iron out all the kinks. It has taken some of life’s lessons like heartbreak, loss, failure and regret to get to this place of understanding there is not a person on this planet that can be taken lightly and not a person in my life who is not a partner to me. It has taken unlikely circumstances, forgiveness when I didn’t earn it and understanding in the face of confusion in order to assist me in the life I want and the ability to live it powerfully. I have prospered due to the love, compassion, prayer, kindness, honesty and even more love to become the person I am today.

As I move forward in my thirties there are many things I want out of life, many desires I hope to see fulfilled over the next thirty years: marriage to a man with whom I can build a life with, have children with, own a home with, take vacations with and in 60 years sit outside on our wrap-a-round porch rocking in our chairs and drinking lemonade with hands held across the slight distance.

I want to own a business that touches the lives of others, that increases the accountability of education for our children and combines those in the entertainment industry with those in the education industry in a way that supports all children to succeed to their highest potential.

I want to be a professional writer that makes a difference in the lives of others. One that can compel you to support an artist, give to a child, take action towards things you believe in and create a community that outshines any community previously established.

I want to smile everyday, laugh until my sides hurt, scream with pleasure, cry with happiness, feel all the feelings that envelope me as life continues forward in a powerful way.

30 years later I know who I am and I know who I will be and I pray that each life that touches mine is caught up in the powerful and vibrant partnership I am out to create.

Love Always,


3 Responses to “30 Years Later”
  1. Menelik Charles says:

    Sunny dee,

    happy 30th but to be honest I’ve just come on here to say how very beautiful you look! Sorry for being shallow but that’s how I feel!


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