3 Steps to an Adventurous Life

Dear Reader,

Get ready to embark on an amazing adventure! This is the first post from my first guest reader and I’m excited to bring to you an exciting man Robin Raindropcatcher who is embarking on an amazing adventure as the New Year rolls over. See where he is going and also take this opportunity to look into your life and see how you can be a minimalist in some things you have been wasteful in.

The Adventurous Lifestyle – 3 Steps to make Your Life Worth Living


To be absolutely honest with you I’ll say it blunt: I’m sh*tting my pants right now.

I am really nervous for I’m standing close to a very big change in my life. And still I know that it was a good decision to keep going.

In five days I will be homeless. Sounds radical, right?

And would you believe that I’m doing this by choice? I must be crazy!

Well, obviously not everybody wants to be homeless to get the special kick out of life. But whatever your interests and expectations in life, it’s always worth it to ask yourself if you’d be happy looking back at your life if a toilet seat from a space station would hit you tomorrow and you’d be standing next to your dead body being annoyed that you’ve missed the weekend.

The average life is anything else but adventurous. And often we even miss the small but amazing experiences in life like the first steps of our children.

I’ve chosen a homeless nomad’s life – at least for an unknown period of time – others would prefer another way to make their life more interesting and exciting.

Here are three important steps to change your life for the better!

1.) Eliminate

Every day we are surrounded by things, people and situations that make us feel uncomfortable. Often we don’t even realise how much mental clutter we have around us. Find out what you really need in your life and eliminate as much of the rest as possible!

I am going to have all my possessions in one 50 litre rucksack soon and you have no idea how freeing it is to have the opportunity to go wherever you want in the world. Even if you don’t do it in the end, just knowing that you could brings up an incredibly strong feeling of freedom inside of you.

Of course you don’t have to do that in such a radical way, but believe me, there is a lot of clutter in your life that would be good being dumped.

2.) Take risks

No, I don’t know if I’ll end up sleeping on the street at one point. And to be honest, I hope I won’t. Especially not at this time of year. It’s cold here in London. But even if it happens, I see it as an amazing opportunity to experience something new! In the next conversation with somebody I will definitely have to tell a story!

What risks have you taken recently? Do you enjoy breaking out of your daily life? Risk falling and you will have the chance to rise. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

3.) Take every opportunity given

Are you that kind of person who prefers to stay in the office building during lunchtime?  I used to be like that. until I realised how much there was to see out there.

Back when I still had my terrible office job, I started walking around in the area and found out about small independent shops, saw couples kissing after not seeing each other for a while and granted myself an amazingly luxurious meal for lunch. Things that I’d never have seen in the office.

And who knows? As cheesy as it might sound, you could miss meeting the love of your life by not pleasuring yourself in the small Indian Restaurant two blocks away from your office building.

Take the time you are given. Take every opportunity to explore new and interesting things and you will find them!

And most importantly: Enjoy life whenever you can. It could be over tomorrow!

In the whole money and work stress we tend to forget how short and fragile life is. Take a few seconds a day and breath very consciously. Feel alive. Feel that there is more to your life than the things that make you unhappy.

Break free. It’s in your hands to make the best of your life!

Robin Raindropcatcher is a blogger from London who mainly writes about independent lifestyle, entrepreneurship and freedom and tries to get the best value possible for his readers and followers. You can find more of his amazing work at http://www.worldhackingguide.com in a blog about financial creativity and personal development in order to start living an alternative lifestyle.

Love Always,



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