CLICK: The Sound of Unlocking Leadership Education

Dear Future Leaders,

There once was a woman who had a vision, a vision to unlock leadership education for all learners and on the wings of the vision, through the strength of her commitment to every child across America, no the World, CLICK has been born.

I introduce to you an amazing article written by Renata Bernard introducing CLICK, a leadership training and development company that will allow educators to place a leadership learning and curriculum directly into the hands of every learner in New York City and eventually the rest of the States and the rest of the Planet.

Take a deep breath and dive in what this visionary has created for the lives of young people will literally take your breath away.


“I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way.”  Go ahead…hum the tune in your head while you read.  Have you ever really considered what the lyrics are saying?  What are we teaching our future?  More importantly, what are everyday leaders in our American educational system teaching our future?  Reading, writing and arithmetic have given way to revolutionary high tech methods of teaching but has the content kept pace?  If we are to believe, as politicians often tout, that our greatest strength is in our people, then why aren’t we taking better care of our American assets?

At CLICK, where Cultivating Leadership through Integrity and Communication is Key, we firmly believe in one premise; everyone is a leader.  Our quest is to debunk the common myth of “natural born leaders” by identifying and training in leadership skills.

As a parent of two young children just entering school, my fear is that in our apathetic fight to obtain, then adhere to the status quo, we have stopped teaching things that are relevant to success.  Not that geography isn’t important, or even useful in some industries, but the reality is that the average person, in a 9-5 job does not need to know what countries the Nile runs through.  Teaching to a test does not lead to long-term understanding or skill development.

Wait.  Let me pause for a minute.  Because the impression I want to leave you with is not that what we’re currently teaching is flawed.  It isn’t.  It is a great foundation for the basic understanding of many things.  The problem is what is MISSING…

Everyday leaders, amazingly enough, share a set of common skills utilized by the “Obamas” and “Oprahs” of the world.  At CLICK, we’ve determined four of these crucial skills to be critical thinking, social and emotional development, effective communication, and an understanding of personal finance.  These are “must-have’s”, relative to success in any endeavor.  The MISSING element: specific skills training within our schools.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?  But when you consider the grand assumption made by our Department of Education that our children will just, by trial and error or by life experience, gain the aptitude required to be proficient in these very important skills, it’s almost like leaving success to chance.  The outcome of that approach has clearly proven to render sporadic results.  As a country, we can do better.

But where do we begin?  A curriculum for the children is ideal; but keep in mind that even the best curriculum is only as effective as the steward of the information.  I’ve had professors that can make talking about sword-fighting a snooze-fest.  So naturally, at CLICK, we look to the most impactful everyday leaders; teachers.  We want our Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers armed with a curriculum rich in teaching critical thinking concepts and practices, communication techniques and theories, personal finance basics and investment and debt management, and social and emotional learning scenarios for discussion.  But first, we need to ensure that THEY are proficient in those skills.

Let’s very simply talk trickle down.  Leader teacher teaches; students witness leader in action.  Even without a curriculum that directly addresses the key elements of what they know, by default the child is infused with an experience of what effective leadership is like.  The teachers with the skill development experience increased self-confidence, increased positive relationships, limited fear of the unknown and willingness to risk, and freedom from going through the motions of everyday; living on purpose, so to speak.

I firmly believe there is no greater honor we can bestow upon our Nation’s teachers than to invest in their success just as they invest and help guide the success of our Nation’s future every day.

That, in a nutshell, is what we’re up to at CLICK.

For more information on our programs and training opportunities, please visit our website at or email us at

Mrs. Renata Bernard is a master in instructional design, training evaluation, coaching and leadership studies, and strategic planning which all culminates with her professional venture with CLICK. She leads trainings at Baruch College in New York City and is highly involved in leadership positions within charter schools in New York City. Renata has taken on life coaching as a professional venture as well as researching and understanding the leadership field in such a way that she is easily able to impart her knowledge unto others.

Love Always,

Sunny Dee


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