The Misconceptions about the Silly Rubberband

Dear Stubborn Belly Fat,

I have tried so many ways to lose you and yet, like an unwanted stray cat you continue to return and at times stubbornly stay in place with no hope, promise or possibility of disappearing any time soon. You are the main reason I have to put a goal about losing weight in place every New Years’ and recommit myself that this will be the year I’ll have rock hard abs instead of a fully inflated spare tire.

I’ve been in conversation with my good friend and hip-hop artist Flo Blitz lately who is in no way pretending to be this decades’ newest fitness guru and certainly doesn’t pretend to have all the scientific answers to many fitness questions but he’s a dude that works out ya know? He’s one of those that knows what to do when he goes to the gym and he has the body that shows he’s put in the hard work and has figured out what works and what doesn’t work. So, I take my fitness questions to him and you’d be surprised by how often the answers he hits me with are the thing he specializes in the most: common sense.

It’s about time I let him hit y’all with some of the same. So, in the words of Flo Blitz:

Through all of my years of football training, from cardio to weight training, from peewee football to major division 1 college football, I always made it a point to pick the brains of the athletic trainers, strength coaches, and even my surgeons.

Now, I’m completely tired of hearing “I just wanna lose my stomach, and back fat, but I don’t want my booty going nowhere!!!”.

Ladies, there is no such thing in the world called “spot reduction”. It’s scientifically impossible. Spot reduction is exactly what it sounds like, a reduction in one spot. The body burns fat all around. The body is like a balloon, you can’t just remove air from one part of the balloon, you remove air from the entire balloon.

Indeed, if that booty of yours has a nice amount of fat in it, then guess what? Some of that booty of yours will go also. During the first visit with a trainer, he may not tell you that because that may stop you from buying a gang load of sessions from him. LOL.

The same rule goes for that silly, large rubber band you wrap around your waist and stomach, thinking it’s going to make your stomach smaller. If you got a fat neck, back, booty, face, chin, etc. expect the body to shed fat all over and not just your stomach because you got that silly rubber band on. Even the companies that sell them know the truth but they’re getting over on you because you think it’s working when, in actuality, your hard work and eating habits are doing the work. I can’t deny the fact that it makes you sweat more, but that does not mean the weight loss is coming from that specific area.

You think if I wrap that silly thing around one arm, that I’ll have one skinny arm and one fat arm? Let’s not be silly!!!

Now back to the girl who doesn’t wanna lose that booty. It’s up to you to replace with muscle, what you lose with fat burn. Serena Williams has that wagon because she is doing some weight lifting to stack muscle back there. So when her cardio burns all of the fat off of her backside, her weight lifting builds muscle onto it. And that goes for the rest of her body being toned as well. She doesn’t just have a muscle butt with fat everywhere else.

This leads me to my next point, ladies, weights are not the enemy.

If you want that dream body, then you must do weights. And adding weight isn’t the enemy either. You want to be doing between 10 and 15 reps on your exercises, and actually struggling on the last couple reps. The problem with most women is that they fear adding weight so they use those same 10 pound dumbells for the whole year. Well don’t expect any results if you do that sillyface! As long as you are doing more than 10 reps, don’t worry about muscle piling on. No matter how much weight you are lifting, if you do between 10 and 15 reps, you will not BULK up. But, once you’re not struggling anymore on the last couple of reps, then its time to move up in weight.

In a nutshell, let’s ask questions, stop following the other silly person at the gym who has no clue, and let’s all use common sense. If you don’t know, ask, don’t just buy the silly product.

It’s not what you say but how you say it, has been and continues to be the core phrase for Brooklyn Native Flo Blitz. Even as a youngster, Flo would walk away laughing and shouting “FL-O- no W, I aint tryna trouble you.” As an 8-year-old he began writing rhymes in his East New York basement and performing in talent shows up and down the east coast. Along with his two brothers, LeMar Pain and Kel Spencer, Flo Blitz watched the rap game take many turns from Gangsta rap to being led by Bottle popping flossers. Without ignoring these dominant representations in the mainstream, Flo Blitz sharpened his skills as an Emcee, joining park ciphers at 11 years old, but also maintaining a respect for both the underground and mainstream.This balance lead Flo to later join his brother Kel Spencer in forming the song writing tandem Me& My Brother. Collectively they have co-written over fifteen songs for Will Smith, including the 2005 American Music Award winning Switch. Other notables include the Men in BlackII’s title song Nod ya Head, and many other writing collaborations for artists like The BahaMen, Nick Cannon, and MC Lyte.

But let’s get back to rap! It was always Flo’s aggressiveness that stood out. On and off the track; On and off the stage. It’s not surprising that many of his close friends just call him“Blitz”. Flo tagged the end of his name with the shortened phrase for an all out aggressive attack.“Blitzkrieg” was a no holds bar war tactic used by the Germans. Constant effective force was the underlying principle. And if you asked Flo Blitz, he’d say, “You gotta have the ability to be relevant in the mainstream market place, but I need to still be that aggressive 16 bar spitter at any given time.” Never claiming to have alter egos, Flo Blitz possesses both abilities all wrapped in one person. He eludes to the fact that he grew up knowing and respecting DJ Premier, but also took advantage of the opportunity to work with Will Smith. “Diversify yourself”, he continuously repeats. As his own number one fan of his witty word play and catchy hooks, Flo pays homage to the provider by saying “God didn’t just make me a rapper, He molded me into a hit song-writer that can rap.” It’s not a surprise at all that even Flo’s punch lines present a spiritual undertone at times. “Simple substance” is what he likes to call it.

You can find Flo Blitz on Twitter @FloBlitz and “Like” him on

Love Always,



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