Verizon Welcomes the I-Phone

Dear Verizon,

You are amazing and I thank you so much for bringing the I-Phone to your network.  I am anxiously awaiting the pre-release at 3am tomorrow and will continue to update you with minute-by-minute results of what this network has opened up for its customers.

I got online right at 3am and ordered my Verizon I-Phone. I have a confirmation number and am expected to get it on February 10th! I understand they sold out in 10 minutes, I figured that would be the case which is why I didn’t take any chances with getting right on and ordering at 3am on the dot.

At first I was a little disappointed because I ordered my phone on February 3rd and then Verizon said they wouldn’t actually be delivering any phones until February 10th which is the exact same day everyone else will be standing in line, palms outstretched for their I-Phone. Then I got a confirmation e-mail today that my I-Phone has shipped out and will arrive at my house by Monday! I’m one step closer to being an official I-Phoner!

Love Always,


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