Kel Spencer uses his Pens to Empower

Dear Loved Ones,

It is an absolute honor to bring you this guest blogger as he is doing what nestles perfectly into my heart. Kel Spencer has found the perfect way to combine his passion, talent and excellence in the music industry with his commitment, love and generosity for young people by creating an After School Program called Pens of Power. Throughout the years I’ve known Kel Spencer he has been a plethora of ideas and every single one of them embody what is necessary to take the world by storm. You know how it is with the uberintelligent people in your life, the majority of the time you’re there to support them in whatever amazing endeavor they take on next but then there’s that one time, that time when their purpose perfectly aligns with your and you can’t help but want to be part of their journey, that time when their mission statement speaks directly to your mission in life. That’s how it is for me with Pens of Power.

I’ll let Kel tell you the story of what he’s up to and how he’s impacting communities across the nation:

He’s running. He’s dribbling the ball and running. The entire 4 feet 6 inches of his body moves in a uncoordinated physical joy, mirrored by his mouth in the form of a heavy breathing smile… He runs down court, on a fast break, plants his feet under the basket, tosses the ball as close to the sky as he can… off the backboard… swoosh!

 Of 12 games, that was his team’s only win for the season. But they won. And he was the reason. His mom has never captured a more joyous moment on her camcorder.

 I write.

 I observe as much as I can hold. Then I observe more.

 Then I write.

 I write so that I can share what I hear, what I see, what I smell, what I taste, what I touch, how I feel, and what I’m thinking. And that’s why I write.

 I make it entertaining. I sometimes leave it raw. I package it. I give it colors. I give it peaks, valleys, and even roads in between them both. That’s what I do when I write. That’s what you get when you are on the receiving end of my writing. I write to serve people.

 I started writing before I was given the title “writer.” And now that I have been given that title, I actually like the purity of the writing prior to the title, more so than what I now write. It’s the appreciation for the purity that was a catalyst for Pens of Power.  Just like the youngster who made that game winning lay up. His team was horrible. He woould’t get a scholarship. Nope, no sneaker or sports drink endorsement. I highly doubt that a multi million dollar signing bonus will be wired to his bank account. He’s 7 years old. His love for the game is just that… A love. Not a conditional or incentive based love… But a Pure Love. I write for the Love. I  help children understand what writing really is, and aid them in writing for the love. That’s what Pens of Power is.

             I’m from Brownsville Brooklyn. A place where you’d hear, “Eh yo, Mike Tyson used to live in that house right there.” And stuff like, “If you hear gunshots don’t run, just hit the ground.” But through all of that, I had TWO parents at home, to not only guide me through a place like Brooklyn but to appreciate the journey as well as be able to articulate it along the way. Not too many children from Brooklyn, from Baltimore, or even from Beverly Hills, are as fortunate in that regard. The journey needs to be appreciated. That appreciation needs to be heard. It needs to be heard on the basis of a pure love for sharing… That’s called writing.

 Well, at least in the Pens of Power program, that’s how we view writing. I’ve written to music. I’ve written to the sounds of jail cell doors opening and closing. I’ve written to the sounds of the gentleman next to me on a flight, snoring and leaning on my shoulder (I hope this guy doesn’t drool). I keep ideas in my head, not because I don’t want people to hear them but because ideas were made to be expressed. And once they’re expressed, the next batch of ideas steps up for their turn to be expressed. As long as you’re a willing channel to share and express, you will be an idea magnet. That is, eventually, what I want my Pens of Power students to understand but for the past 3 years, I have simply been aiming to bless them with a platform to share and love sharing… Oh, and they have to use their pens. We get paper and yarn and hole punchers and crayons and design their workbooks. They write their names on the front cover, or the back cover, or page 14… WHO CARES?!? They write front to back, like most books… Or back to front, if they choose. Why? Because that is why and how they may choose to write. Don’t worry, our literary mechanic drills and exercises will show the “back to front” students why, what their doing is against the norm, but we don’t discourage it. It doesn’t all need to be fact. It doesn’t need to be pretty. It doesn’t even need to make sense or be entertaining. It just needs to be an expression of what you hear, see, smell, taste, touch, feel, and think. And that’s why we write. Not for what we can get out of it, but to get it out of us… And we do it out of Love… A Pure Love.

Kel Spencer is an emerging Indie Hip Hop Artist as well as an Award Winning songwriter for artists like Wyclef, MC Lyte, and Will Smith under the umbrella of his Co-Founded Indie Label, 3RD Power Music Group. He is also the Co-founder of Double L Communications, through which he has created music based marketing plans & theme songs for Brands like NCAA, The Minnesota Vikings, Pepsi & ESPN. The Brooklyn Native and former Morgan State Bear, takes a balanced and eclectic approach towards displaying his writing ability. Dubbed “The Best Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of,” by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kel caters to an international fan base, while also taking care of home as he prepares to launch is Pens of Power after school literacy program in New York City. In addition, he is also growing his Salon Stories brand which is a platform of Music, Social Events & Web Postings aimed at promoting healthy interaction between men & women. It’s obvious that Kel’s passion lies in words and how his words can positively affect his listeners. Via the Web, Live Performance, By Song, Music Video, Blog Posts, Public speaking and/or Hosting Events, it’s pretty difficult to not come in contact with the Warrior Poet and his movement. Be on the look out for His latest and greatest project composed of Mini-Movies and a Soundtrack entitled The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn… If you’ve never paid attention to the Urban Experience in it’s truest form and brightest potential, you’ve never met Kel Spencer.

Amazing right? Like unbelievable, amazing and uberfantastic all rolled up into one. Kel Spencer is also a blogger that keeps it real, hilarious and interesting. You can read more of his writing and follow his life  journey at and there’s more information to be had about Pens of Power at

Love Always,


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