Stranded on an Island with my iPod

Dear Apple,

As I ran on the beach of Florida this past week I stopped for a moment to dip in the ocean and as I floated on my back further and further from the shore I started to dream and let my mind wander to what would it be like if I floated so far out I ended up stranded on an island with just myself and my iPod.

If that was the case this is what I would end up with:

1. Jagged Edge

I know there is all this hype about Jagged Edge after their amazing moment on 106 and Park yesterday and I’m right there with them, excited and tweeting and anxiously awaiting “The Remedy”. I gotta say though, I’m a real fan of the REAL Jagged Edge. You know exactly what I’m talkin’ about: I Promise, Let’s Get Married, Gotta Be and my all time favorite I Don’t Wanna. The moment I hear the opening beat of any Jagged Edge song it sends me to a moment and place of when I first heard the song and then another moment and place of when I had the song on repeat and right back to this moment and place when I can listen to any song like it’s still brand new.  I’ve seen Jagged Edge in concert more times than any group and I never grow tired of them so they are the first choice of ten artists I would have on my iPod stranded on an island.

2. Alanis Morissette

Isn’t it Ironic? One of my all time favorite movies is The Breakup with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn and the first time I watched it I literally had to pause the movie in order to dig out my copy of Jagged Little Pill (which is different from JE’s Jagged Little Thrill) and listen to You Oughta Know in its entirety.  This song fully takes me back to my Freshman Year of High School right after  David John Erickson broke up with me, my first boyfriend and of course at 14 I was heartbroken in a way I just knew would never heal. I would lay on my bed with my two best friends listening to Jagged Little Pill and belting my pain out to Alanis in a way that had me thinking she wrote each of these songs especially for me.

3. The Fugees

This may have been the beginning of my deeper look into old school artists and really connecting with some of the same people my parents once listened to like Roberta Flack, Ray Charles, Teddy P and original Patti LaBelle. It was definitely the beginning of my love for Lauryn Hill. Still to this day I am immediately lost in the lyrics, the vocals and the instruments in Killing Me Softly. I promise you I was quite sure Lauryn was talking directly to me when she talked about singing my pain with his word and hearing the words from her diary cross the mic.  I used to listen to this album on repeat and close my eyes and imagine myself in a dark, smoky club deep in the heart of Harlem and be lost to this fantasy. Still in the days of first love heartbreak I grew with Lauryn and she still has a piece of my heart.

4. Tupac

My true first love. I’ll never forget Saturday September 7, 1996 when Tupac went into hiding and they began announcing him as dead. Now, because this is my husband I know that he’s just hiding out until 2014 and I know the rest of the world thinks of him as dead. I know better. Anyway, I have so much love for this man. He is amazing in so many ways and to this day he can take a chill, coolin’ out moment to the next level with the beats of his songs. As the artistic centerpiece of Death Row I know he had his moments with Bad Boy Entertainment and the man can rap! He puts words together in a way that just makes sense. I mean, I know Little Wayne says things like “I”m in that sentence like a subject and a predicate” and people lose their mind but my man Tupac? Tupac is the real deal. I miss you baby and can’t wait until you come back! I’ll be right here waiting.

5. TI

A few years ago I went to the BET Awards and at the Award show my seat was on the far left side, 2nd row back. If you were watching the 2006 show and they scanned the audience you would have seen Diddy and Kim with her son and their boys all dressed in white in the very front row and then behind them you would have seen three nondescript people who appeared to be with the band, or something. That was myself, Sean’s kids’ nanny and my boyfriend at the time who was in the music industry and the reason we were at the Awards show. After awhile I got bored and started looking around for something to entertain myself. Always one to make friends I spotted this young man across the aisle and a few rows back and an empty seat next to him. The next break I went up to sit next to him and we started laughing and talking and decided to play this game where every break we would find a different seat. This fun game got me through the rest of the Awards show and at the end of it we took a picture together which I later showed to my best friend who promptly screamed “That’s your new friend? That’s TI!” (((((Blank Stare))))) After being schooled by her I began listening to some of his albums and promptly fell in love and have been in love ever since. Hence, the reason I can recite every word in ATL.

6. Love Jones Soundtrack

There is something about this soundtrack, no matter what I close my eyes and the music just moves through my soul. There’s my all time favorite of John Coltrane and the jazz feel that comes along with the R&B vibe of the soundtrack. Not since Trainspotting and Boomerang has a soundtrack captured the vibe of the movie so well.  Love Jones is my favorite movie and to have access to the feeling through the music is the most amazing vibe. As you know recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at Joey Harris’ Love Jones NYC and every single time I hear the theme song  it has me pulling the soundtrack out again. I got a Love Jones for the Love Jones Soundtrack.

7. Queen Latifah

In 7th Grade, every Sunday night without fail I would complete all of my bedtime chores and I would race downstairs and plop in front of the television to the space I had created as my dance floor so I could dance along with the Fly Girls on In Living Color. This would be followed by Martin and finally my television time would be up after Living Single. This is how I came to know Queen Latifah and I watched with awe as this strong and powerful Black woman punched Treach in one episode for calling her the B word. Then I watched the video that aired after the show and immediately began begging my parents to be able to buy the tape Black Reign  even though it has cursing on it, most of the cursing being in my favorite song U.N.I.T.Y.  My parents finally relented and I played that tape until the tap thinned out and I had to purchase it again and eventually purchased it on CD and finally purchased it on iTunes.  There is not an album that Queen Latifah has come out with that I haven’t bought and absolutely adored. She is my all time favorite artist in so many ways and I would be honored to be trapped on a desert island with her in my iPod.

There are more and I could definitely keep this list going. This gives you a taste of who is trapped on a desert island with me. The question is, who would you take? Continue adding to this list and this time next week I’ll give you 7 more that I would take with me to my captivity by water.

Love Always,



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