All That Diva in One Little Cup

Dear Francine and Carinne,

I thank you for digging back into 75 years worth of history and taking a concept that was amazing and didn’t quite work out the first time and transforming it into something that has worked since 2003 and works amazing! Women are slowly catching onto the concept of the Diva Cup and I invite you to catch on sooner rather than later. I can not believe I have lived with such a monthly inconvenience for the past 15 years or so when there is this nifty little invention out there to make my life comfortable, easy, stress-free and clean for all 30 to 31 days of the month.

Growing up there was this Tampons commercial that used to come on and for some reason the volume of the commercial ran louder than the rest of the television shows so that you would be causally watching television or even just have the television running when suddenly you would hear:


In absolute chagrin and embarrassment I would turn to my mother, masterfully avoiding my father’s eyes and beg her to turn the television off until the commercial was over. The commercial was actually a new tampons commercial inviting women to switch from the blood-soaked mattress pads they’d traditionally been sitting upon to stuffing absorbent wads of tissue up their hoo-hoo for four to six hours. The end result? Of course you could go swimming…even though you do have the curse.

Awful right? Thus, I’ve always had this sort of stigmatization around my menstrual cycle. Yes, I go swimming, but only after checking that my tampon is securely in place and only for about an hour before I get out and switch it out, all the while wondering and doing my best to casually check that the string hasn’t fallen out the side of my suit and is now floating beside me in the water. I also typically go 4-6 days without wearing white, you know, just in case.  Last summer I went to a White Party and was the only one in a red dress with white shoes, and a white belt, doing my best to convince everyone that you only had to have something white on, not be wearing all white.  As if…I saw many women nod in sympathetic and private understanding that night. Not taking any chances.

I’ve bought box after box after box of tampons, having long ago stopped sitting upon mattress pads as a way of absorbency. I’ve put in a Super Tampon designed to last a couple hours on a heavy flow day and leaked all over my mother’s sofa cushion in 30 minutes, horrified as I tried to devise a plan with my sister-in-law in which I could stand up slyly while she quickly flipped the cushion so as to avoid having to explain anything to the party of people present.

Then I was at dinner a couple weeks ago with a couple girlfriends, one of whom came back from an incredibly long line at the bathroom and all she’d had to do was privately check she wasn’t leaking into her white pants. When she came back and explained her dilemma our other girlfriend simply said two words,

Diva Cup.

Mystified I listened to her explain this age-old invention that’s been hiding from women for years and even currently is only being used by the adventurous few who dare to part with their fluid-soaked security pads and wads of tissues. I too, was not easily enrolled into the idea although I did acknowledgment I would be willing to talk to my doctor, see what he suggested, hear from a few others and possibly buy one.

A week later I’m sitting at the Yankees baseball game in the same exact conversation around the Diva Cup. Another friend of mine is a tried and true believer of this new, but old invention for women. This time I was convinced. It was becoming like an Underground Railroad System, it’s the truest and most reliable way to freedom, yet you have to know someone who knows someone in order to get access to what it’s really all about and at the end of the day it’s up to you, do I travel down the road or not?

I traveled and I am IN LOVE! I bought the nifty, very small device with it’s adorable bag (I still am a woman who is a sucker for a cute bag) and I read and reread the directions twice, and then one more time. Finally, I sat on the edge of my toilet, just like the diagram, and I inserted and literally inhaled when it dropped into place and I couldn’t feel a thing! I was on my period and yet I was comfortable! Determined to put it to the true test I put on my white panties and my white pants and I went out for the evening.

Guess what?

Nothing, not a drop. 12 HOURS later. Yup, I said 12 I pulled it out after having the most relaxing day on my period I’ve ever had and laughed out loud with satisfaction as I threw away my boxes of tampons and thought about the money saved by never having to buy them again!

I am a true Diva Cup lover. I never thought I’d say that and I am. Don’t take my word for it, try it today. They have a disposable version at most drug stores that has a pack of ten and lasts for 10 hours and then you throw it in the trash. That may be the way to ease into it. It’s just like when you switch from glasses to contacts or even making the switch from the Mattress Pad to the Tampon, you feel a bit squeamish at first, it takes some getting used to and once you are you can’t imagine ever going back.

Love Always,



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