Jagged Edge Releases The Remedy

Dear Brian, Brandon, Kyle and Wingo,

Thank you for the release of your seventh album. I’ve been listening to you for the last 15 years and as I anxiously awaited The Remedy I couldn’t help but be excited because I knew it was going to be different than The Babymaking Project in that this would be designed to be a return to the Jagged Edge I grew up on, the Jagged Edge of the 90’s that had folks Getting Married, Making Promises and Saying Goodbye.

There has been no disappointment since the album has been released and I’ve listened nonstop. As I do with every album I started out by listening to the album front to back and then I’ve slowly gone back through and picked out my favorites. Baby and Flow Through My Veins are the singles so I saved listening to those for last, wanting to hear all the songs I haven’t heard and I have quickly fallen in love with the other 10 songs on the album.

From the Intro I had that romantic feeling that only Jagged Edge can invoke with their music. In this moment of listening romanticism feels the air and it doesn’t matter who you’re with or what you say, they are going to be the one you love and words of love are going to flow from your lips. In this moment as I’m listening to the album with some of my closest friends I turn to a man I’ve loved for years and I say, “You’re very hard to please.” to which he replies “Knowing that about me you should also know that I’ve only ever found you to be perfect.”.

That’s just the Intro.

The next song Love On You speaks to the depths of a love being offered. It opens with Brandon explaining:

If you want love and you need it quick I’m the one to call on.

It’s a true love ballad and as a woman there’s a deep feeling that comes from knowing that your man is thinking about holding you down and thinks about that even in the midst of his big dreams and planning his life. In fact, you fit right in. All the while knowing that at the end of the day it’s those arms you’ll curl up in and experience the love and comfort of his love.

I tried to stay away from the singles and save them for last but Flow Throw My Veins just keeps calling me. This is my favorite song so far and I absolutely love the video. It reminds me of exactly what it is to spend a day with those JE Boyz. Jagged Edge has a way of complimenting women in a way that few other R&B groups have mastered and that’s exactly what this song does. I mean who doesn’t want to be called a Love Angel?

At night I sleep next to an angel/She is that to me, so heavenly/ The most amazing creature I’ve ever seen/She’s lovin’ me from every angle/ She don’t ever miss a spot/She flows through my body like water/ If she’s near me I’m on her

Your heart is pumping mine too/I feel so connected to you/You’re all I dream/you’re all I need.

The Boyz get to the heart of every woman with this song. It is truly for everybody who got that somebody and feels like they’re just a part of you. They invoke the image of being so close You flow through his veins like water. What woman wouldn’t swoon over that. I’m immediately filled with visions of this song playing while I’m getting engaged.

My Girl is the next song and this along with Never Meant to Lead You On speaks to the growth of Jagged Edge. They’ve been doing R&B for the last 15 years, they each have a couple kids and it goes without saying they’ve broken a few hearts along the way. These songs take on the maturity of their ways as they acknowledge any mistakes and also acknowledge the beauty and the Grace of the women they’ve been with.

In My Girl volumes are spoken about what it takes to look up and realize your own stupidity has kept you from the woman of your dreams. Suddenly your faced with the reality there’s no one to blame but yourself and it’s up to you to do what it takes to get her back, if she’ll have you.

I’ll tell the world/She’s forever my girl/ I never met a girl like this before/I wasn’t ready when I met her/ I was way too busy clubbin’ and sowin’ oats and now I’m back to take you home/ I’m back to claim what was mine and if you ready girl let’s not waste any time.

In Never Meant to Lead You On Brandon freely admits to the same mistake so many men have made with good women in their lives. Being selfish, a little self-centered, an emotional cripple. There has been a man in the life of every woman who has spent some time growing up and this growing out of some things. A man who needed your comfort but didn’t want commitment. A man who said all the things you wanted to hear and didn’t mean a thing. I thank Jagged Edge for righting the wrongs of so many and using those amazing voices to make the amends many women have been waiting for.

Jagged Edge’s 7th album has been all that it’s promised. It’s a Remedy of past situations, a Remedy to soften the hearts of all who hear it and a Remedy in the lives of many couples who walked down the aisle with Jagged Edge and made their first, second and this child with Jagged Edge. These Boyz continue to have a dominion over being love makers and baby makers all in the same album. No matter what stage of life you’re in, who you have and who you don’t have this is The Remedy.

Love Always,

One Response to “Jagged Edge Releases The Remedy”
  1. I absolutely love this album and I’ve continued to gush over it since the first listen. I feel as if my love for this album is largely connected to how I’ve grown up with Jagged Edge and how their maturity is almost a reflection of mine. My tastes have evolved, just as their music has evolved, but there’s always a need to borrow from the past, just as this album certainly does in revisiting the classic J.E. sound. Similar to how nostalgia isn’t quite the same as living in the past, the group doesn’t quite recapture the magic of their prime, but it’s certainly close enough that it feels just as right as a cherished memory.

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