Date ‘n Game

Dear “The Way Things Are Supposed to Be”,

Boy meets girl and girl meets boy and they live happily ever after with a dog, a cat, three and a half kids and a white picket fence. Or do they? What happens if boy makes it into his thirties without meeting girl and girl is in her thirties anxiously awaiting the appearance of the man with her missing glass slipper while also growing irritiable and cynical that there are no more white horses left for prince charming to ride in on?

Now we have boy sitting at home playing video games, having mastered the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Playstation 3 with no idea on what it would take to ask a woman on a date much less provide for her as his wife, build a home together, take vacations and raise children together.

And on the other side of town there sits girl with the latest “Men Ain’t Shhhhh” rant, surrounded by all her girls who are high-fiving and man hating right along with her.

At the end of the night both parties go home tired, frustrated, bitter, worn out, cynical and alone. Boy meets empty side of his bed and girl piles her empty side with pillows as a way of pretending it’s not there.

Historically, this Dating Game wasn’t going anywhere except for a long line of loneliness and possibly the end of the human race as men and women can no longer do what it takes to come together and procreate. I’m being dramatic, I know, but you get the point. Until…

Along came the Date ‘n Game.

This is a game changer. It’s been going on since March of this year and each event there are over 200 single, involved and something in between young people in attendance. How do I know about their dating status? Well as soon as you walk in you get a nametag with a colored dot on it. Green if you’re single, Red if you’re taken and Yellow if it’s complicated (or as a warning to proceed with caution).

From there it’s on. There are several rooms with several types of games going and you’re set up for success right away on how you want to play the game. You can come and kick it with your man and the other couples y’all hang with and get a game of spades started in one game room. You can come with that dude you’re kinda sorta seeing but not really and laugh and eliminate all awkwardness that usually exists when you’re always wondering “where is this going” and he’s always thinking “I hope she doesn’t ask me where this going” in the game room with Jenga and Trouble. Or you can come by yourself with your bright green sticker and join the laughter, competitiveness and fun in the Twister room where each Twister mat requests three girls and three guys and the caller makes it as G-rated or R-rated as she chooses.

There is also an INSANE game of musical chairs that occurs at some point during the night where the men sit on the chairs and the women rotate around the chairs and sit on the man’s lap when the music stops. It is quite possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever witnessed and aside from the fact that there are

mini-lap dances that briefly occur the women are so competitive I kept having to ask if the prize for winning musical chairs was that they would get to take the actual man home!

Basically, Date ‘n Game is an amazing night and it allows you to control the dating game that has for so long controlled us. As a Black woman living in Brooklyn who is fine, intelligent, making good money and would make an amazing wife it was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by Black people who are up to the same thing I’m up to, whether that’s dating, flirting, or just being on the winning team of a game! I flirted as much as I wanted to, I exchanged phone numbers when I wanted to, I winked if I felt like it and at the end of the night I skipped out knowing there was a new way to play the dating game and I would never go back to playing it that old way that sent me home empty-handed and heavy-hearted so many nights in the past.

Love Always,


4 Responses to “Date ‘n Game”
  1. Nice! I’m one of the organizers/hosts of Date ‘N Game. Glad you appreciate the event! 😉

  2. dreamy says:

    Great story sunny im the young lady n the blue n white dress looking extra

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