A Million Little Events

Dear Life,

It seems I can never get over how small six degrees of separation really are. A few years ago my best friend C-Leen was into making this board game at every party where she connected all the six degrees of separation in the life of the person being honored. People then had to put together how everyone knew everyone else. It was a hit amongst our friends and every time we would marvel over how small the circle really is.

Two weeks ago I went home over Winter break and as I was telling my father about my life and all the wonderful people I’ve met he began telling me about a case he’s doing research on. It is a case that is primarily about unfair jury discrimination practices that have impacted the verdicts of some major trials over the course of history. Curious, and with some extra time on my hands I asked to see some of the books he’s doing for his research and offered to read some of his books and highlight the important parts for him. When he handed me the first book he’s using for his research I took the book with surprise and looked at him saying,

“I know a man with the last name Edelin…”


When I opened the book and saw the dedication in the book I knew immediately that the circle of six degrees of separation had just closed for it was indeed true that the man I knew was a son of the man my father was using as part of his research for his case. He encouraged me to read the work of Dr. Kenneth Edelin and to learn about what an amazing doctor this man was and how one case not only changed his life but also changed the entire course of history as it relates to women’s rights and to the infamous court case Roe v. Wade 1973.

As I turned the pages my amazement of this man grew and I thought about how excited I would be to tell his son not only the admiration and respect I’d developed for his father while reading his book but also the connection I’d felt toward him as I experienced his story with him through his writing. I can tell you all the details and I can give you all the information but it’s the same stories you’ve read on the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post and The Huffington Post and The Daily News but what you can’t read about there is what it’s like to be connected to an amazing person in your life and know there’s something unique and amazing about that person and then be introduced to the man who made that person by the man who made you and feel connected in a way that’s meant to be.

December 30, 2013 I got the news that Dr. Kenneth Edelin passed away after a long battle of cancer in his current home of Sarasota, Florida and a sadness passed over me for a man who I had never met because of the connection to the man in his life that I did meet and have recently come to know. It’s as Anais Nin said:

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

There are a million little events in life and in each of those events something is born inside of us.  No matter how big or small, it forever alters the person we once used to be. When I say the phrase, “you really love him/her” even though it’s a general statement someone specific comes to mind and it’s because of this I am positive that no one can enter into our lives without forever altering it. It is these million little events that make us who we are and this Holiday season I learned about how one event can impact my life in a way I never could have expected. It doesn’t matter how it all began and it doesn’t matter how it all ends but this event in my life, the passing of Dr. Kenneth Edelin, has left a tremendous impact on my life and as I recently told one of his sons,

“There are no words that can erase or even minimize the pain of losing someone we love but there is comfort in knowing the ones we love will never stop trying.”

In this New Year of 2014, there will be one less person on the planet that was an important person in the life of someone who is an important person in my life. Six degrees of separation impacts my life and I will appreciate each of the million little events that will happen in my life and I will pay very close attention to them because at the end of this life, no matter how many I leave with, I want to be sure I’ve appreciated them all.

In Loving Memory of a Man so great that he touched the lives of many across this nation and across time but had the most profound impact on those who loved him the most. It is with love and with honor that I write this.

Love Always,


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